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Up to now, philippine government says to be in typhoon of Philippine whole area " salangane " already caused death of 10 thousand people. And U.N. releases a message 11 days to say: "Overcome class of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces in the tower only a city has near one person to die " .

This has the city of 220 thousand population, as it happens is located in on the course of typhonic pass through the territory of a country, it is Philippine stricken be hit by a natural adversity the most serious area. Reporter of media of a few international arrives to can be grabbed first-hand material of the typhoon, they are in " salangane " here has arrived before advent: "The house of whole village is lifted thoroughly, large tree by uproot, rob nowhere to be absent, the body is already cankered. The body is already cankered..

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Typhoon " salangane " or go up for human history victim of the strongest storm is amounted to 9.5 million

Philippine victim is fooled grab governmental

rice storehouse to
already caused 8 people death

European parliament is evaluated " salangane " after inflicting heavy losses on Philippine rebuild difficulty is great



According to Singapore " associated morning paper " 13 days of reports, black overcomes Langton Nie Ci Kezhou and Lu Gan Si Kezhou announces to become, two cities are provisional hold below one round one week later fair cast, whether does the decision join Russia.

Additional, bistate kisses Russian organization to already made clear, boycott 25 days hold Wukelan's president election this month.

Sponsor this fair the organization that join expresses, the city has city of gram of Du Nie Ci and Lugansike respectively 89% hold with black autonomy with the poll person of 96% , voting rate makes an appointment with two cities 75% .

The president of responsibility of president of Wu Kelan act on one's behalf says before Tuerjinuofu is earlier, bistate " independence is fair cast " devoid law basis, be " propagandist

farce " . European Union and United States also point to fair cast illegimate.

Bureau of Russian president news makes a statement say, russia notices two cities place is public the high voting rate that drop, respect the desire that two cities people expresses. Fair cast eve, russia president Pu Jingceng appeals two state delay are official cast, so that be,with Wukelan governmental open peace talks creates advantage, but fair cast still hold as scheduled.

Crisis of Wu Kelan of European Union mediate each peace talks

Hart is in European safety and Bai Ke of chairman of cooperative organization spell before this the program that put forward to assist Wukelan to restore peace on confe

rence of European Union minister of foreign affairs, he hopes future can start peace talks inside a few days, state Europe installs an organization to will dispatch observer arrives Wukelan, supervise the presidential general election of month of bottom.

He says to express, moscow shows an open attitude to peace talks.

Shi Tai of German minister of foreign affairs heads for Wukelan because of striding Er to leave today, try mediate of be placed in the middle, just pull Wu Kelan crisis to conference table each.

Spokesman of German Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed yesterday, peace talks will be in at 14 days Wu Kelan capital base complementary hold. Whether can Russian area send a representing to attend when Wukelan be askinged about, the spokesman replies: "Of course, if do not have the eastpart part and southern area delegate to participate in, with respect to no point. With respect to no point..

Saibote of German government spokesman expresses, election of Wu Kelan's president to stabilizing local situation, the action that play holds the balance. He says: "We are special expectation Russia uses his striking force, make this stabilization is able to come true. Make this stabilization is able to come true..

The European Union is done expand to prepare to Russian punish

Meanwhile, heart of European Union powerful nation, law, flower warning, if Russia " destroy " Wukelan's president election, will get more severe sanction. The European Union prepares to relax to make the legal level that reduce to Russia, so that more freeze to involving the enterprise of Wu Kelan crisis to carry out asset easily.

At present the punish of the European Union acts a be confined to and the Mi Yayou in Russian annex gram's related company or organization, did not pound Russia well-known company enrages a company like Russia. Expand as punish limits nevertheless, european Union already active the company includes the individual that includes the Mi Yaren in Russia and gram at 13 of Russian energy industry and two Kelimiya punish blacklist.

Depend on the European Union that Russia the sources of energy supplies, take more severe sanction to denying pair of Russia then at present, have a difference of opinions. View of England, France, polish, Sweden increases punish strength; The country such as Italy, Greek, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain does not wish to take strong sanction to Russia most, concern of these European Union member are offended come to Russia make reprisals just, the economy that makes they just cast off financial crisis gets be a burden on.


Beautiful national defence grows to criticise deputy overall length of Chinese liberation army approves beautiful hegemony publicly

The dialog of sweet case lira May 31 is met on, the the Chinese People's Liberation Army grows Hageer with respect to beautiful national defence in crown of deputy chief of the general staff alleged " China destroys Nanhai area to stabilize " the response that the speech makes give tit for tat, weigh those who breath out case Er to censure be without a basis truth, be full of hegemonism, menace and threaten. Emphasize in crown, hageer this opinion on public affairs, build to Sino-US compose new-style the relation is without big country constructive.

Hageer is in American defense minister 31 days dialog of sweet case lira can make a speech on first time plenary session, censure China publicly " the stability that destroys Nanhai area " , warn if international order is browbeaten,say, washington won't be apathetic.

To Hageer this speech, crown middle finger goes out, "China has a common saying, one should return as good as one receives " . Hageer call-overs publicly for no reason censures China, just must give bluntly in response.

Express in crown, hageer the speech that day is be full of hegemonism one piece flavour, minatory, threaten, the speech with constructive blame, agitate of this one speech, incite element of Asia-Pacific area unrest to carry thing make trouble.

Still point out in crown, hageer's speech and the late dinner that Japanese premier br

ings times advance 30 days 3 speak " echo each other " , "Can seeing is who is carrying a disturbance after all, instigate controversy, instigate conflict "

"Differentiate in what the issue involves Chinese dominion territory and sea area on the problem, disturbance never just has instigated in. It is to concern a respect to be the first below the circumstance that raises an issue, answered step just must be taken in. " say in crown, "This has factual ground, everybody cannot be denied. Everybody cannot be denied..

In addition, refer is returned in crown Sino-US and new-style the construction that big country concerns. He points out, build in compose Sino-US and new-style big country is relation, new-style in the process that the military affairs concerns, regular meeting produces attrition, difference, controversy to conflict even. The key is wanting to face up to difference at both sides. "Hageer's minister today's speech, helpless at eliminating Sino-US difference. Helpless at eliminating Sino-US difference..

Speak of in crown, sino-US two countries should enlarge interest confluent, narrow bilateral difference contradicts, eliminate misapprehensive miscarriage of justice in time. Two countries is new-style the construction that big country concerns is historical trend, he emphasizes, "I am right Sino-US and new-style the relation of new-style military affairs that big country concerns and suits to it is confident, this target can come true certainly. This target can come true certainly..

Greek south coastal waters produces 5.6 class earthquake to be apart from 137 kilometers of capital Athens


Tan Liya of round-the-world network reporter reports, will report on August 26 according to Qatar peninsula TV station, libyan opposition alleges 25 days local time, they are already occupational the Al-Wyg desert region that is located in the Sahara south, here stands by African country Niger and Chad.

A spokesman says opposition: "We had controlled Al-Wyg " , it is important to emphasize capturing here fastness having " strategic meaning " , because here is had,track falls since a plane.

On August 25, of Libyan opposition " the whole nation transfers committee " in the Li Bo th

at main leader has arrived at a capital, to take-over formally Libyan political power prepares. Opposition still says in same day, one place was surrounded to build in the Li Bo that they are in group, believe Kazafei and its son hide her
eat. Nevertheless Kazafei shows voice subsequently, undertake mocking to his enemy and its west proponent, appeal Libyan each tribal combination rise counteractive " aggressive " .

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