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上海花千坊爱上海Hiroshima explodes formerly straight person of 66 anniversary villous themeda says again " take off a nucleus "



Xinhua net Ottawwa electric Canada is communal and safe on October 21 the ministry makes a statement 21 days late say, wait for extremely horrible organization to constitute

menace to Canadian as a result of organization of Mohammedan country, base and Somalia youth party, canada already decided home Gao Zhizhong of light fine tuning spends terroristic minatory level.

Department of Canadian public safety says in statement, because have the terrorist that information makes clear Canada is domestic and international or organization,increasing level is intended graph and ability undertake horrible force acts. Meanwhile, canada is terroristic evaluate a center integratedly to also think, terroristic violent activity happens likely.

Grade of Canadian home terroristic menace divides 5 level, by low to tall ordinal it is slight, in degree, mix significantly, badly critical.

20 days, man of Canadian man horse drives in Quebec province hit two Canadian soldiers, cause after be being hurt to death, escape, be shot dead by fuzz finally. Have report, martin may be the same as terroristic concerned couplet, he is Canada the extremely radical character in fearing a branch paying close attention to instead.

This month 7 days, government of accredit of Canadian confederative parliament organizes an air strike extremely to Mohammedan country. Before long hind, mohammedan country announces country of west of a retaliation to be opposite the target country list of its a

ir attack, include Canada among them.

21 days afternoon, 6 Canadian CF - 18 bumblebee opportunity for combat flies to Kuwait, attend the country such as the United States to hit Iraqi churchyard the military affairs of Mohammedan country acts.

(Original title: Canada increases level of domestic terroristic menace in coming, spend)

 Login register illicit of couple of Williams of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to set brand image to safeguard a company to stay is origin: used when waiting for need? ?2014-01-18 18:5 of ㄍ of discharge  feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel


liams prince kisses newly-married wife Kate (origin: England " daily Post " website)

According to England " daily Post " the website reports 17 days, british Williams prince and charming wife Kate establishs a company secretly, with protecting oneself " brand " and intellectual property.

Husband and wife two want a lawyer to be a name to establish a company with two people respectively, and this is before " football Jin Tong " Bei Kehan Mu (David Beckham) and " shellfish elder brother's wife " Victoria (Victoria) the practice with this kind of common famous person.

This will let Williams and Kate peddle the product of authorization of carry out government, the person that injures product of two people form to peddling carry out adopts law to act.

Full name is Kate fine line of white · of Li Sha of Catherine · Yi pauses (Catherine Elizabeth Middleton) , she grants a the rank of nobility with queen of union of letter of name at first Sitelasen countess (Countess Of Strathearn) , establish CE Sitelasen company.

Williams prince full name is Williams · Yase Philip Lu is easy (William Arthur Philip Louis) , the isle that after he combines intermediate name and marriage, settles with Kate installs Geerxi (Anglesey) , establish APL t

o install Geerxi company.

Haing benefit prince also does not fall after the person, follow on name choice nevertheless many what promote. His company is a name with African eland, call corner Niu Ling (Tsessebe) .

Kenxindu palace (Kensington Palace) emphasizes, these companies often won't sell a thing, just apply for a company first, stay when waiting for future to have need, use. Nevertheless partial aides and staff says, they do not eliminate company future to be able to be used in commercial use, tax income beneficent orgnaization.

They also confirm, should produce brand or Williams Kaitepin when card controversy, also can come with these companies defend beneficial of two human rights.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Zun Kewei of Indonesian new president make a pledge to assume office 3 years become a president from the businessman (graph) origin: ? Travel hill?2014-10-21 10:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Report will be in Jakarta of China News Service 20 days morning on October 20 Indonesian Jakarta Capitol is held ceremoniously. New president of civilian of this one's previous experience is how to arrive from the businessman mayor, be elected finally to the governor from the mayor for the president, 3 years a leader that becomes a state very quickly? The road that didn't the say Zun Kewei that there is Indonesian Aobama come to how?

Zun Kewei of Indonesian new president makes a pledge to assume office to be like Aobama long

Zun Kewei is great was born at family of destitute carpenter of Indonesian Thoreau city

on June 21, 1961, he founded with friend of a batch of person of the same trades 2002 Indonesian handiwork and furniture industry association, be given priority to
by choose banquet, because performance is excellent, enter into an election contest at representing fight the Democratic Party 2005 after Thoreau mayor, rectify Thoreau city in perfect orderly inside 5 years. Entered into an election contest 2010 be reappointed consecutively, zun Kewei and its assistant did not give Qian Jing completely to choose, continue to hold a title with the vote of 95.5% mayor. During holding the position of a mayor, he does not get governmental pay every months, it is sign after receiving sth gives mayor secretary money only, use at seasonable deliverance victim or affliction pauper. The Zun Kewei that prestige sun rises is elected at high 2012 bank note for Jakarta governor.

After Zun Kewei is elected as a governor, in the capital indefatigable to solve flood adversity and traffic jam struggle, its fame also upsurges because of this, become the most welcome president candidate, folk asks to nominate in succession he is candidate of president of fight the Democratic Party.

This year Indonesian July in held presidential general election, the Zun Kewei that represents fight the Democratic Party and its partner card pull the most intense president since with many pieces 7000 vote wins Indonesian reform to enter into an election contest, the Pulabowo that defeated the party of big Indonesian move that obtains 62 million bank note only - help Cha Sha partner.

Here essayist thinks, zun Kewei is wide suffer reason of common people gay to have at 9 o'clock: Fulfil from beginning to end close civilian course; Encourage the people to have free-standing economy from beginning to end; Processing means is emphasized persuade, object suppressing; Have the person that disobey discipline to subordinate the action is decisive, hesitate anything but weak; Without bureaucratic breath; Face poor people very careful, feeling with experience; Deal with concrete matters relating to work, consistent; Esteem boss, obtain allow just take action; Little speech, work more.

A lot of more Indonesian common people believes, zun Kewei is clean-fingered from beginning to end act according to fair, once be elected as top leader, the chief that becomes people, the leader is Indonesian the alignment is clean-fingered, innovation, close civilian, the broad road of prosperous and strong happiness.

But Pulabowo alleges before election outcome is announced, this second election is put in the massive fraud phenomenon of structural sex and system sex, because this rejects to accept the result that election commission announces, announce to exit voting procedure. Subsequently, pulabowo will join report constitution court on August 6, requirement cancel is chosen appoint the result of relevant general election that can announce.

Late on August 21, ha Madan of presiding judge of Indonesian constitution court is not worth with evidence for, announce to reject candidate general to pull a fertile a group of people of same interest to be aimed at the entire appeal that general election result puts forward, maintain the election result that Indonesian election commission will announce on July 22, namely 2 are awaited pick combination Zun Kewei is great what with You Sufu card pulls a success to be elected as future 5 years is Indonesian vice president, to be elected as presidential Zun Kewei great established new government to level road.

Back-to-back, the red white alliance that supports Pulabowo and vice president hada is in by September after the victory that gains Indonesian congress to decide prefect passes parliamentary vote resolution, win victory again in the choose of the parliament speaker October.

Enter into an election contest this two large a group of people of same interest are formed on Indonesian political field, the red white alliance that heads with Pulabowo namely and the Indonesian and brilliant alliance that support Zun Kewei with all one's strength. Match each other in strength of two large a group of people of same interest, if say Indonesian and brilliant alliance was won,be in office influence, red white alliance captures successfully congress and person assist hegemony.

Here economist thinks, the congress leader that establishs as the red white alliance of governmental opposition will become aggravate country politics not to stabilize an element, also will cause what to be in office the party contrasts in congress force is anxious.

Make a pledge to assume office in Zun Kewei eve, he will head for Pulabowo's abode on a special trip on October 17, congratulatory Pulabowo 63 years old of birthday. That day of two people meet produced an agreement, both sides expresses to will maintain the unity of Indonesian republic and solidarity.

After bilateral talk, pulabowo appeals on the press conference red white alliance supports Zun Kewei - card helps a government. He says, in political competition one's words is intense it is normal, but must attach most importance to finally with people's happiness and benefit. Pulabowo still asks its proponent does not let political difference become disrupt source.

Indonesian university politics observes a Budiantuo to think, itinerate of Zunke power near future visits elite of red white allied politics, alleviated fight the Democratic Party and the deadlock that red white allied communication failure is immersed in, the insecurity of the two large a group of people of same interest after dissolving parliamentary leader election successfully concerns, as a result can not get without necessary and afraid new government congressional obstruct. This proves Zun Kewei is a political communication hotshot, face formidable political opponent to have very high bargain capacity, can ensure of prospective government run successful.

But observe the home also thinks here, all sorts of difficulty and obstacle had been placed before new government. Be in for instance political, congress and person assist leader chair already by its adversary, namely red white allied and complete control. The job that people worries new government because of this will get of opposition disturb with all possible means.

The problem of economic respect is quite serious also, all sorts of international orgnaizations also forecast growth of economy of Indonesian next year to be in 5.8% the following, at present domestic and international economic situation goes against Zun Kewei really - block those who help a government to be in office earlier, global economy puts delay to will affect Indonesian export finally.

Of the attune on interest rate of American Central Bank forecast, will drive Indonesian Central Bank to also go up move standard interest rate, because this industry will face the dilemma with bank loan higher interest rate. In the meantime, the economy with finance and constrictive finance puts delay phenomenon to also bring about the policy that help deficient up to be hard to obtain result. Indonesian data of central statistic bureau shows, the impoverished population March 2014 is 11.28% , than last year of the corresponding period 11.36% drop merely 0.08% .

Zun Kewei plans to increase allowance fuel price in next month, so that leave whirly room to finance. This measure that is objected by partial people also has certain and negative effect. Divide opposition to provide the excuse that atttacks a government, the Indonesian economy growth first half of the year also can put delay accordingly 2015, because light gas and charge of electricity to rise in price,be in especially life burden of the people is early heavy when can'ting bear.

Indonesian people expects new leader Zun Kewei and card are pulled cooperate to overcome cheek by jowl afore-mentioned all sorts of difficulty. Because national prosperity is prosperous and strong far more bilateral than the government and the public group profit is more important. People hope both sides is OK appropriate ground has acted respective part. (be over)

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A helicopter is in England crash of downtown bar housetop

Original title: Helicopter falls Scotland bar sends much person to get hurt authorities spreads out come to help

The intermediary outside occupying reports, british assemblyman and eyewitness express, a helicopter drops 29 days into Scotland Gelasige a bar, bring about much person to get hurt.

According to the report, an eyewitness says, he hears similar detonation is noisy, next the one part housetop of bar is direct cave in.

This has philharmonic society spot to perform inside domestic public house, be in place quite welcome. At present not clear accident has how many person inside ba

r at that time. After accident happening, personnel of firemen, medical treatment and police are urgent drive toward the spot.

Chinese ink of assemblyman of British the Labour Party poors (Jim Murphy) expresses, he is driving at that time course accident area, "After a few seconds, seem to see helicopter bumps into a bar " .

Murphy says, he sees " a lot of people are injured " . Additionally many pieces of picture on gregarious website shows, a helicopter falls in Gela

sige housetop of a bar.

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Original title: Syria announces 41 place to change fierce establishment

The intermediary outside occupying reports 29 days, prohibit You Zumu house represents tota

l person in charge of something of chemical weapon organization, syrian government announced the establishment of 41 chemical weapons that is located in 23 office space. These 23 field stored raw material of about 1300 tons of chemical weapons and 1230
not the artillery shell of fill.

According to the report, you Zumu resides the middle finger of the first report that referring to U.N. Security Council to go out, the investigate member of weapon of chemistry of supervisory Syria destroy by melting or burning is right already among them the information of 37 establishment undertook affirming.

Ban the organization that change fierce to express, the member that investigate is already right the 21 place in 23 office space check Syria end, but as a result of safe risk, they cannot enter the 2 office that leave.

When banning the organization that change fierce to publish this report, u.N. - combination of problem of Arabia alliance Syria is extraordinary on behalf of Bo Laxi rice visited Syria a few days ago, begin to hold matters concerned of conference of Syrian problem international and appraise to talk about the respect. Bo Laxi rice just visits country of Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and area of Iranian and other places before this, concern each country to prepare matters concerned to undertake consulting with respect to conference of the 2nd Geneva with A alliance and area.

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Haing Buddha student receives death to threaten report is mailed inferior defer of seminar of culture of Asia of descendants female be in the majority is held

 2014 pool of list of nobel prize gainer: Result of bear the palm is newest announce (update)

 上海花千坊爱上海Login register Scotland of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is independence fair cast an end to poll and begin does civilian attune show plan ticket to send: of the origin that take actor alone instead? ?2014-09-19 08:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] plan ticket job begins, fair cast a result to predict to will be in the left and right sides was announced at 7 o'clock 19 days in the morning local time.

Edinburgh of China News Service on September 18 report local time 18 days night at 10 o'clock, scotland independence is fair cast an end to poll, all polling booth close an entrance door, immediately of plan ticket job begins.

Plan ticket job will undertake all night. After all vote count of 32 electorates ends, of election commission presiding the royal upland center that Pi Tekai of plan ticket Guan Mali considers benefit to will be in Edinburgh suburb announces final fair project a result. Fair cast a result to predict to will be in the left and right sides was announced at 7 o'clock 19 days in the morning local time.


Catchphrase of sex of menace of gush of spot of Scotland polling booth

Scotland independence is fair cast various places voting result latest news

England, scotland independence is fair cast hold, constituency polls to polling booth.

Scotland is fair cast begin civilian attune shows plan ticket to be sent alone instead take actor

YouGov of orgnaization of British public opinion poll releases hereon in voting day second fair the last time that drop civilian attune, show the person of 54% opposes independence, the person of 46% supports independence. The president the other party of YouGov gets Kaierna to express to British SKY TV station, the assurance that he has 99% thinks Scotland is fair the result that project is won't independent.

Chief minister Samengde is in Scotland government say after his home town is voting, this day is a lifetime only opportunity, believe everybody can remember this one day forever. Aberdonian destiny masters in Aberdonian in civilian hand.

After Da Lin of better campaign chief is

polling, express what oppose independence together, he has hope more and more, turn over substantive a group of people of same interest to will win victory tonight.

According to the vital statistics of Scotland government, the person that has voting qualification has 4.41 million person about, share more than 4.28 million person to register attend this fair cast. That is to say, be in qualified among

voting person, the person of 97% has been registered for constituency. This is the constituency in election of Scotland all previous the rate that register is top. The voting rate that election commission predicts to register voter will be achieved 80% , may become Scotland voting rate is top on the history. (Be over)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


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