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Pakistan the eastpart part a mosque breaks down collapse accident: Dead number rises to 24 people... [阅读全文] 栏目:中山市品茶上课群


Service of prov

ide for the aged of attention spr
ing city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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In report will occupy new network on November 26 outside intermediary report, local time 25 days, thailand police announces to arrest 7 to involve the police personnel that washs money and contemptuous royalty, reveal a batch of obtained ready money, luxurious car and antique figure of Buddha rise to collect in arresting a process arti

cle. In 7 police personnel, already 3 people are accused to offend serious affront monarch crime.

The Song Dynasty of Thailand police senior officer says about: Their some people ever in the dark or barefaced with royalty name, involve multinomial activity, include fuzz to bri

ng into play, illegal gamble agreement and oil smuggling. Nevertheless, he did not show a detailed information further.

It is formerly before the handkerchief of central state of constabulary lieutenant general that investigates bureau assistant director already was moved toward a sinecure at the beginning of this month, his assistant major general of police of elder brother power, and element of article of senior officer of royal and naval police is pointed to to use profit of individual of royalty name seek.

In Thailand, the government is curule committing affront monarch crime is very infrequent.

Police says, ransacking after their house, discover they have value to even more an ancient unit of weight of 1 billion peaceful (about 190 million RMB) property. Police also shows them to claim to be in Bangkok etc area the slide that search of the place in 11 houses obtains property, the cash reserve in a bank that includes to have antique figure of Buddha, one big change among them, luxurious car, gold act the role ofing, ivory reachs a picture.

Song Yao expresses, through thorough investigation, may have case of more official experience, include to take bribes in the center reach blackmail.

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New York foreign citizen of Chinese origin destroys door case suspect states intention: Handle because of malcontent child he... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海外菜会所


10 days, jinyongna of chairman of committee of standing of top people conference is in Korea smooth soil accepts joint company to interview, medium the neighbouring country that is shown toward the relation cooling be related says China is our country, it is the country with friendly relation, (in face concerns) did not change.

9 days are Korea 66 years this month National Day fete. This before today, li Kejiang of premier of Xi Jinping of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council and Zhang Dejiang of chairman of countrywide National People's Congress party of labor of 8 Xiang Chaoxian is Jin Zhengen of the first secretary, highest chairman of committee of people conference standing gold. Message of congratulation points out, leader of two countries older generation creats with one's own hands and face tradition companionship gives painstaking effort to try to breed in, it is two countries and two countries people's common precious fortune. Below new condition, in square as will square as face together, consolidate ceaselessly and strengthen two countries friendly collaboration concerns, for benefit two countries and two countries people, make positive contribution for area prosperity, development, peace and stability, message of congratulation wishs Korea is prosperous, people is happy.

Go oneself since the end of the year, besides Liu Zhenmin of undersecretary of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs this year in Feburary early or late Han of hold office at court has undertaken moving back and forth diplomacy, and Wang Yi of minister of foreign affairs is in minister of foreign affairs of series of East Asia collaboration is sessional in August brief had met after Li Zhuyong of little foreign minister, face did not hold senior official again in meet. This year July, xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman breaks a rule, korea is visited before visitting Korea, outsides of a series of this hair of information Ceng Yin to in tend toward the relation guess coolly.

The travel of the Korea to Xi Jinping, jin Yongna is being accepted when interviewing, say, this is right in do not have an influence toward th

e relation, according to this country the circumstance prepares outside representing national leader, be visited.

Joint company says, jin Yongna is regarded as head of state of Korea nominal country by the outside, delicacy of hold office at court is the second in command that is next to Jin Zhengen of the first secretary in labor party, accept abroad media to interview solid belong to infrequent.

Actually, from China new since a government holds water, in leader of face two countries often with multiform maintain interactive. Last year in May, jin Zhengen sends Hai Fanghua of ambassador-at-large Cui dragon, latter is believed in one's own handwriting to Jin Zhengen of Xi Jinping pass on, the appeal accedes and consolidate the friendship in the traditional day that grows two countries older generation to revolutionist creats and be bred. After two months, tide of Li Yuan of Chinese country vice-chairman visits Korea, convey Xi Jinping oral message to Jin Zhengen.

Notable is, close paragraph since time, korea increased diplomatic offensive.

Last week, jiang Xizhu of committee member of the secretary of general affairs of international of be put in charge of commission of Korea labor the Party Central Committee, the Political Bureau is infrequent lead delegacy to set out the European Shikoku such as visit Germany, Switzerland and Mongolia country. This is considered as to show Korea begins to seek break international the isolated, question mark that launchs diplomatic offensive.

Be in a station Germany, jiang Xizhu releases a strive to improve the question mark that ties toward Han Guan. He expresses to media, concern to improve Han Chao, both sides should implement the agreement that reached in the past. In addition 6 talks should be without conditional ground to restart when thing country talk. The reporter asks, whether can Korea write down this visit to be improved actively for chance with ginger Xi Zhushu concern external, his answer says, korea concerns external in improvement all the time, this the visit is not the move with new what.

According to the view of Korea message personage, after Jiang Xizhu ends a visit, brief halt will b

e done to stay in Beijing. At the appointed time, whether is he what regard heavyweight of Korea diplomacy mouth as the official met and Chinese government official holds meeting fetching attention.

Additional, korea message personage still discloses, li Zhuyong of photograph of foreign affairs of Korea plan clique attends to be in American new York later on this month the United Nations General Assembly that U.N. headquarters kicks off. If embark on a journey, this will be Korea Foreign Minister visits the United States 15 years first.

(Original title: Jin Yongna is infrequent get the day in visitting refute cool theory, be used to makes the same score concern of the government in visitting Han to be not affected nearly)

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Occupy Singapore media 16 days to report, the Ke Lidui of American Secretary of State that visitting in Vietnam closes to Vietnam accelerates implementation democr

atization process and economic reform, state the United States is willing to assist Vietnam to uphold territorial sea sovereignty.

The report says, this is Kerry arrives with the identity of American Secretary of State first visit Vietnam. He appeals inside capital river Vietnam releases political prisoner 16 days, make compatriots can free get online, encourage Vietnam to emphasi

ze a consideration to implement free market economic policy.

In addition, on the problem of territorial sea conflict of Vietnam and neighbour, kerry reiterates to Vietnam, american general defend " nautical freedom " , encourage peace to settle dispute. (China Daily is new China)

Recommend read: China shakes a success to settle 2/3 territorial dispute to footing of more territorial dispute

Jump over in working conference is held to consult inside the river work of maritime and joint development

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Japan from civilian party 3 assemblyman touch Korea to be about to visit gloomy hill island to be entered a country by refus... [阅读全文] 栏目:夜上海论坛


Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Ferguson " black 5 " the person tha

t protest mobile demonstrate " horizontal cadaver " is bazaar arrested origin: ? Travel hill?2014-11-29 20:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Original title: The United States nots case dark demonstrate person black 5 lie down protest 15 people to be arrested

Local time on November 28, 2014, american st. louis, demonstrate person shout slogan, horizontal cadaver bazaar, come on Friday in black during, braun of youth of remonstrant blame descendants meets with shoot dead of white man police. Demonstrate bazaar is shut subsequently.

Local time on November 28, 2014, american st. louis, demonstrate person shout slogan, horizontal cadaver bazaar, come on Friday in black during, braun of youth of remonstrant blame descendants meets with shoot dead of white man police. Demonstrate bazaar is shut subsequently.

Original title: The United States nots case dark demonstrate person black 5 lie down protest 15 people to be arrested

The intermediary outside occupying reports, because the Wilson of white man police of Braun of youth of shoot dead black spares,sue, ferguson presses down the United States to be immersed in protest day after day in demonstrate, much ground produces disturbance for a time. Local time 28 days, the person that police arrested 15 demonstrate in Ferguson.

That day is American black the shopping section on Friday, remonstrant people before coming to door of st. louis bazaar, requirement boycott is black 5 shopping activities, appeal should justice answers Braun by shoot dead incident.

Police station of st. louis county says, alarm directional demonstrate person issue a warning, ask its leave, a few disregard admonitory person to be detained by police. Subsequently police releases a message to point to, add up to 15 people are detained.

That day, the person that exceed many 100 put on a show of force is shouting slogan, citing catchphrase shop sign, crossing between the client of commodity of choose and buy from shopping centers. After reaching 3 floors, demonstrate person people lie down of on the spot, this indicative Braun is in by police lie in on the driveway 4 many hours after shoot dead, make one of mark sex gestures with numerous commonly used remonstrant.

Occupy a story additionally, 28 days of evening were controlled 10:20 local time, about 75 people gather in st. louis county bazaar of Wu Dezhen begins Bulunte to launch protest with p

salmodic means. They walk out of a gate subsequently, continue outside bazaar demonstrate about 15 minutes, exclaim repeatedly without justice, let it close without peace raise a hand to wait catchword a moment.

After demonstrate passes, major store does business afresh, but also gate of a few shops tightens a lock. The staff member inside inn says, police stems from the consideration of public safety, requirement store close a business closes.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Wu Kelan's president visited Chinese both sides to amount to consensus with respect to nuke safety a few days ago... [阅读全文] 栏目:佛山按摩论坛

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