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    Report will occupy people net Paris on August 25 " Feijialuo signs up for " the website reports 25 days, french president government office releases announcement to say, french premier Waersi already submitted ministerial resignation to presidential Aolangde, ao Langde asks Waersi establishs new government at 26 days that day.

    Before one day, minister of economy of government of French Socialist Party is unconscious hold in the palm Boer as long as Ministry of Education A Meng urges a government to change economic policy respectively. " Feijialuo signs up for " think, 26 days of Waersi will establish to be in with Aolangde big politics the new government that guiding principle holds consistent.

    25 days, unconscious hold in the palm Boer and open express, government of the France before this about introducing economy the right path, find growth measure and the consent that raise obtain employment rate to did not cash, face economic predicament, government must make major change to economic policy. Regard economy as the minister, his responsibility is to face reality, cannot mention lightly, also cannot block cloak attack by surprise, should find another settlement howev

    er outlet. Unconscious especially Boer the dissatisfaction that also expresses pair of French premier Waersi, think its take economic decision making authority alone. Educational minister A cheats an appeal to answer from last lesson of the derive in the failure of European parliament vote, french economic policy must be helpf
    ul for enhancing company competition ability and domestic purchasing power.

    To this, ao Langde expresses, active established economic policy won't be changed. And Waersi's reaction is stronger, he thinks Mengtuobu spanned this Huang Xian.

    (Original title: France will establish Waersi of new government prime minister to already submitted resignation)

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    Occupy Thailand media 25 days to report, thailand guard government says, the general election that will hold on Feburary 2 is decided formerly after be willing to delay, but premise is to turn over governmental people to must end the remonstrant demonstrate activity in capital Bangkok.

    According to the report, thailand premier flower pull express, if reorder of general election date, oppose governmental party must affirmatory noninterference, also do not boycott poll exercise.

    Thailand official shows, premier flower is pulled will discuss the matters concerned that choose Wu with Thailand election commission; Before, anthology appoint can hold the general election after delaying all the time, because fear

    the queasy circumstances of Thailand is at present adverse,hold an election.

    Thailand constitution court rules 25 days, the government has the general election after authority is delayed. The report points out, this adjudicati

    on was deepened flower pull governmental susceptive each pressure. Politics must be held to reform first with respect to the requirement before opposing governmental party, have general election again; They claim this is the necessary step that puts an end to an election to buy ticket fraudulent practice.

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    Armed personnel of lock of gate of base of military affairs of the Mi Yayi in the gram is in periphery is perambulatory

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    Login register Japan of schoolbook of high school of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to comfort impress install Fu to write teaching material day to urge its to correct origin: ? Be not?2014-11-03 15:4 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] book middle finger goes out, the Japanese army is compulsive commandeer 14-20 year old about 200 thousand females undertake comforting bringing an activity.

    Japan " produce classics news " the report will say on November 3, recently, the high school that McGraw Hill Financial of press of American large education publishs in world history schoolbook, japan of period of occurrence World War II army impress comforts the relevant record and narrate that installs Fu. Current, the public high school of city and its outskirts is using California city los angeles this schoolbook. In the meantime, this schoolbook is used probably also in other area. " produce classics news " think, the Sino-South Korean opposes day of activity ceaseless aggravate, bring about the thing that violates a fact finally to was regarded as a historical fact to enter the United States to teach a system.

    Japan of schoolbook of American high school comforts impress install Fu to write teaching material

    The report says, on June 24, 2014, the Shi Yuan new party that from Japanese reform the dissension in the meeting comes out party of second for generations, arranged to claim to comfort at 28 days install Fu not by the congress draft resolution of impress. This draft still claims, japanese government admitted to comfort 1993 installing the river tough talk with mandatory

    Fu was not made below the premise that acknowledges relevant fact, the river wild ocean that ministerial official room holds the post of to senior office or officer when saying made the same score what bear the blame none to hold a press conference to publish this opinion on public affairs, the fame that brings about Japan and Japanese is destroyed.

    The name is American this schoolbook " tradition and communication " . Book middle finger goes out, the Japanese army is compulsive commandeer 14-20 year old about 200 thousand females are entered comfort how be undertaken comforting bringing an activity, make they are become compulsively comfort install Fu, comfort because of what want to run away and be killed install Fu not little also, comfort installing Fu is the gift that gives Japanese army as the emperor of Japan of existence wait to comfort about Japanese army impress the fact that brings Fu is in by account this schoolbook. However, " produce classics news " the misrepresentation that says in the report these are pair of facts.

    Comfort in the light of what appear in this book the much that installs Fu is the female that comes from Korea peninsula and China, when the war ends to conceal evidence of a crime, japanese army killed a large number of comforting install Fu to wait relevant state, " produce classics news " use contemporary historian Qin Yuyan to comfort install Fu 4 become Japanese, the person of Korea peninsula one's previous experience takes 2 become views, will undertake contradictory to schoolbook content, the record and narrate that calls this schoolbook then is to highlight as contrary as the fact issue.

    Additional, inspect Japan about be in in this schoolbook the map that uses in the project of river door times, 2008 castigatory had number with Japanese sea in the 4th edition, from 2010 the 5th edition begins castigatory, used the collective number means of sea of the East China Sea, Japan. About same Japan calls a sea Japanese sea, look in Korea for the East China Sea, and this one controversy lasts old. In October 2009, american Maryland city cheats county of benefit of elder brother horse to teach archives of hall make known to lower levels, the demand rose 2010, what the Ma Lijun that cheat elder brother belongs to first, medium, college is uniform the text book that uses collective number the East China Sea and Japanese of great capacity is used as teaching material.

    As we have learned, unite in los angeles in learning an area, have a lot of public high school using this text book. Usually, the United States learns the educational committee of the area to be aimed at the schoolbook that every course make choice of differs a few times individually, proper motion of every school amid chooses schoolbook to have teacher and student. Press of McGr

    aw Hill Financial regards the United States as one of large education presses, the possibility that other area also chooses this text book that its publish to have teacher and student is very large.

    " produce classics news " say, japanese government is undertaking negotiating with respect to textbook issue and press of McGraw Hill Financial, the hope undertakes corrective to content.

    Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ever reiterated for many times, impress comforts installing Fu is Japanese militarism is opposite during World War II what compatriots civilian commits the fall victim such as the Asia is serious turn over humane crime, irrefutable evidence, not allow to deny. Any ways that attempt to deny crime of this one history and fact can be just the opposite to what one wished only, the tendercy that makes people just attempts to reverse a verdict for the history to day is more vigilant. Square gravity urges ground of day of square one hundred percent to abide by in face up to and of history of deep introspection aggression about make known one's position and acceptance.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Princess Kate conceive 2 embryoes morning to say response will serious new baby become kingship: of origin of the 4th heir? ?2014-09-09 11:1 of quiet Huan feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    British royal family announces 8 days, princess Kate again be pregnant, williams prince couple is about to greet the 2nd child. Williams couple expresses to hope to want a child again again and again before this, according to the report, british queen feels be elated to this one message.

    But with during be pregnant last same, kate appears again serious morning spits a phenomenon. The message that comes from royal respect says, duchess has not been achieved be pregnant 12 weeks crucial phase. (A Na)

    Princess Kate

    British queen

    Williams couple is treating prince to play in funny tall. Data picture

    Gravid drama is spat

    " daily Post " the report says, have woman of above of half the number about be pregnant inchoate conference appears gravid drama says response, include giddy, tired, be addicted to to sleep, inappetence, partial eclipse, detest fat, disgusting, vomiting to wait. Serious degree of the symptom and duration because of the person different, majority is pregnant 6 weeks of around appear, 8 weeks of ~ reach a peak 10 weeks, be pregnant 12 weeks of or so proper motion disappear. Gravid drama tells a few pregnant woman reaction is severe, frequent and disgusting vomiting, cannot take food, as a result produces humoral unbalance and metabolic obstacle, endanger pregnant woman life even.

    Local time on September 8 morning, england each are big media ground of strive to be the first released a sudden news, that is Kenxindu duchess of Cambridge of Gong Xuan cloth is pregnant again. Kenxindu palace says in a statement: Cantabrigian duke and duchess highness announce, they are awaiting the arrival of the 2nd child gladly.

    Morning says response serious

    According to England " daily Post " report, princess Kate and marital Williams will greet the 2nd their child in next year again. But because the body is frail, kate appears again gravid drama spits a phenomenon, morning says response serious. During was pregnant for the first time 2012, kate ever caused acute to vomit to be sent toward Edward because of be pregnant 7 worlds hospital accepts an inspection.

    When be pregnant with first time, differ, kate is in this merely palace accepts Kenxindu nurse, was not sent Edward 7 worlds hospital.

    The message personage that comes from royal respect tells " daily Post " say, although return what did not achieve her to be pregnant 12 weeks crucial phase, but the detail that duchess is forced to a

    nnounce his to be pregnant however.

    This just discovers this one circumstance recently to the couple. In fact, duchess has not been achieved be pregnant 12 weeks crucial phase. This message personage says, but very apparent, duchess cannot accompany duke to go to Oxford entering public activity again today, because she is agreeing,Xin Du palace accepts treatment.

    She plans to attend what hold in London 8 days to cannot conquer originally games opening ceremony, but because morning says response serious, change to be replaced by Harry prince attend. According to the plan, kate still will be in 9 days to watch the game together with Williams and Harry. In addition, kate will visit Malta later on this month originally, this is she is visited alone first, but whether can embark on a journey to return unknown at present to moment. The message personage that comes from royal respect says, when concerned decision will is close to visit date, announce.

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    nd 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Login install to register premier of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian times meet does Panjiwen talk about U.N. to reform seek to support " into constant " origin: ? ?2014-09-25 16:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    According to association of Japanese send out (NHK) report, local time 25 days of before dawn, the Japanese prime minister that visitting in new York brings times advance 3 with U.N. secretary-general Panjiwen holds a talk, expressive Japan government is considering to pull epidemic situation to offer to control dust rich increase aid and requirement Pan Jiwen to support U.N. to reform.

    Japanese premier brings times advance 3 (left) with U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen (right) .

    Between banquet, pan Jiwen points out haemorrhage heats up Aibola is the menace

    with international collective society, right Japan up to now contribution expressed to thank, hope Japan continues to offer cooperation.

    To this, install times response line, considering the significance that should play haemorrhage to heat up to dust rich, the high level meeting that the U.N. that I decide to attend to will kick off tomorrow plays haemorrhage to heat up epidemic situation about dust rich. And Japanese government is considering to provide increased support.

    On the other hand, how times still say, it is U.N. founds next year 70 anniversary, get used to 21 centuries to let U.N. , japanese general and other country have leader effect together. Conveyed a hope to make through the reform of Security Council Japan wins the seat of the permanent member from this.

    It is reported, u.N. established Japanese general 70 years to regard constant decide the issue of the battle as 2015 year, how times more into often did a lot of homeworks. Install times since be in office the 2nd times, ground of without a stop visited 49 countries, footmark pervades the area that the visit of premier of the Japan before this such as South America, Africa, southeast Asia involves rarely, often play a bank note to enter.

    The report before this points out joint company, install this times new York spread out U.N. diplomacy soon, to enter constant overall arrangement. How times will promote actively active pacifistic, reveal Japan to help fear instead, antagonism Aibola, reveal Japan to share the positive attitude of international general affairs.

    But, install oneself times appear on the stage the 2nd times to be in office beginning casts an aggression to was not defined; Organized body of mind of country of pacify of pay homa

    ge to, pay homage to of official of indulgent cabinet; Defend oneself of collective of lift a ban counterpoises, try to break through peaceful constitution limitation to wait, make Japan enters Right deviation to change drive. Joint company also is analysed point out, japan may understand a problem because of the history and receive block, into Changzhi the road will be full of rugged.

    Occupy a story additionally, nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council of U.N. Security Council reelects will hold Summer 2015. Those who reform scheme add allied country through needing U.N. (193 countries) 2/3 above country is held with. But ally United States of Japan supports cautious attitude to enlarging permanent member and nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council, all object G4 Korea, Italy, Pakistan, Argentina additionally enter constant program. Did not come in what can foreknow accordingly, japan is entered constant possibility is not large.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Ma Hang MH370 misses couplet scheduled flight primitive data announces new search to act one year now

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    Russia plans to increase Vietnam of amount of base of abroad military affairs, Singapore to be in row

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    According to Afp report, hold water by the army " defend national safety commission " the sp

    okesman released 4 coup 25 days to make, announce urgent dismiss Alan of Thailand police commander in chief. Fill model compose, special case investigates hall hall to grow tower profit. Peng Di, buddhist nun of subaltern of department of defense handkerchief. Tung kind, all posts change to be held the position of by other. In addition still announce to disband the national upper house that has democratic sign, all legislative general affairs will change to be in charge of by army henceforth. Thailand army announces 24 numbers to disband senate, take-over congress senate has work with commons place. Army message still says, the army commander in chief that launchs coup cling to Yo admiral plans to ask Majesty of achieve Thailand king with respect
    to Thailand politics state of affairs.

    Thailand politics condition is long-term and troubled, support and object the dogfight of two politics force that he believes Thailand ex-premier endlessly, bilateral conflict is increasingly intense. May 20, a got-up affair of army intervening interpose, announce to enforce martial law; 22 start military coup d'etat; 23 detain him to believe ex-premier of afterbirth younger sister flower pull, the Song Cai of younger sister's husband that he believes (Thailand ex-premier) reach its madam; 24, army lightning dismisses the soldiers and police is advanced personnel. A series of movements explain the Thailand politics condition after military coup d'etat is not stabilized as before.

    In the light of Thailand recently turn over military coup d'etat to protest an activity, coup leader cling to democratic election resumes after Yo admiral acceptance will carry out large-scale politics to reform to the country.

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    Saierweiya sends illicit letter courtship 5000 times to meet with on man net refus only 15 people reply

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    Saudi Arabia a guesthous

    e produces Medina of the 2nd big Mohammedan the Holy City 8 days afternoon conflagration, death of the person that send 12 go on a pilgrimage that come from different country, 130 much people are injured. Death is brought about because of choking more, the person that hurt is sent toward cure of hospital of around much home respectively. Fire cause
    is in investigation. The person that this guesthouse has the Moslem go on a pilgrimage of about 700 different citizenship is entered.

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    Now international news

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    Wu Kelan kisses Russian armed battle to the eastpart part helicopter of 4 black army by down

    2022年01月17日 22:59 广州夜网SN论坛VDS
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    Log onto: of source of exposure of photograph of resume of Feng Yanfeng of Chinese of the citizenship in registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 39 years old? ?2014-01-08 08:4 of  Qian a surnameEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Case discovery field

    International is online message: Office of district of FBI FBI san Francisco announces on January 6 morning, new year's day is nightly the suspect that is stationed in arson of san Francisco consulate general to China already confessed his crime to police station.

    That day morning, FBI holds a press conference, controller of office of district of FBI san Francisco wears Wei Johnson to say, the suspect is cliff of a Feng of 39 years old of men (transliteration) , feng Yan's criminality is individual behavior only, do not involve horrible organization, politics or civil rights to wait. He still says, feng Yan does not have guilty history, it is American citizen, live in city of force of the Supreme Being.

    Feng Yan destroys arson be accusinged intentionally property, arson damages China is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house intentionally blame of two confederative criminal.

    Johnson rejects to divulge other any guilty motive or detail.


    China is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to make a statement at this point point out, just notice the United States just is in deal with this arson incident place is made hard, the person that requirement beauty just punishs severely cause trouble lawfully. Just will continue to pay close attention to a case closely to try follow-up progress in, ask the United States just draws a lesson seriously, cogent the safety that takes effective measures to safeguard Chinese diplomacy, consular personnel and orgnaization and dignity, ensure similar incident is not recurrent.

    News of Chinese news network: FBI FBI placed Wu Long on 6 days of held press conferences, the China that its announce to media is stationed in full name of suspect of cas

    e of arson of san Francisco consulate general to have by accident, cause media and judicial document to all appear mistake. Reporter of China News Service is stationed in san Francisco consulate general 6 days to obtain from China confirm solely, correct Chinese name is this suspect Feng Yanfeng, phoneticize should be Yanfeng Feng.

    Recommend read:

    FBI China is stationed in san Francisco to always get house spot to obtain evidence suspect or for inferior descendants man

    FBI: China is stationed in san Francisco to always get house arsonist is Chinese book! [Graph]

    San Francisco always gets suspect of case of house set on fire to commit the crime motive exposure [graph]

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Top-ranking city by second-class politician of England of national be a burden on: Make London independent

    2022年01月17日 22:59 上海外菜会所
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    The plan ticket result that xinhua net cloth helps Disila send the presidential election that report will occupy Slovak statistic bureau and commission of the election central 30 days to announce on March 30 the 2nd round to poll, independent candidate installs Delie Jishenka to be elected as Slovak new president with v

    ery preponderance.

    Plan ballot outcome shows, the presidential election that holds in 29 days the 2nd round in polling, voting rate amounts to constituency 50. 48 % , the first-run and voting tower above that holds than 15 days 7 many dot. Among them, bill rate is Jishenkade 59. 38 % , exceed its competitor far, currently hold the post ofpremier Robert Feiqiao, latter is obtained 40. The vote of 61 % .

    The Jishenka that is 51 years old is not had before this take up a political career experience, he is a successful entrepreneur and famous philanthropist. After victorious message is transmitted, jishenka holds a press conference, expressed to thank to proponents, the expectation of affirmatory no

    t will negative everybody and accredit. Phenanthrene tall expressed congratulation to the competitor.

    Slovak holds presidential poll 15 days, share 14 candidate to participate. Because nobody are in first-run the effective vote that more than 50 % win in polling, because this ranks before two candidate,phenanthrene tall and Jishenka enter contend the 2nd round.

    Slovak constitution sets, the president is national head of state, lieutenancy 5 years, most be reappointed consecutively two, by the whole people voting and direct election arises. Already be reappointed consecutively the two tenure of office that shows 10 thousand · of presidential Yi to add assorted handkerchief Luo Weiji will end on June 15, 2014, at the appointed time Jishenka will serve as new allow the president makes a pledge to assume office.

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    An Europe never has the war that has seen later from World War II. Wu Kelan prevents long Glenn when outstanding Yi will issue this one warning on September 1, black government army the situation that is in area of chaos caused by war of the eastpart part take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly.

    Base complementary express, wu Kelan army is in 1 day Lugansike and army of tank of a Russia erupt battle. Ma Qiuxin of black army sp

    okesman says: The battle of Wu Kelan parachuter and Russia tank battalion is undertaking, the target is airport of control Lu Gan Sike. Black outstanding Yi says defense minister Glenn further, russian army also is in to this area other town moves, include a Nie Ci to capture the biggest city of the area. Russia army has gotten affirming in the information over there, we are fighting with Russia, be Russia in the decision area general produces Dubaside what. This is military affairs of latter and ceaseless accuse Russia the Wukelan that inbreak criticises Russian army enters town of key of black the eastpart part clearly first. 1 day later on, black army expresses, already abandoned and other places of airport of Lu Gan Sike.

    Below difficult situation, shen Ke of black president pineapple is in 1 day base complementary criticise Russia undertakes barefaced aggression to black. He says: Neighbour begins to be started to Wukelan mix directly barefaced aggression, this changed the condition of conflict area quickly. Network of news of American cable television says 1 day, warn in Shen Keceng of the pineapple after peak of Brussels European Union is met last weekend, as aggravate of black Russia crisis, both sides approachs full-scale war increasingly, I think we are very adjacent already do not put in a dot 's charge, this does not put in a dot 's charge is full-scale war, this has happened in disrupt force and area of pilot of Russia regular army.

    Face Wukelan censure, lafuluofu expresses Russian minister of foreign affairs 1 day, presently won't the military affairs intervenes Wukelan conflicts, we advocate peace mediates this one the most serious crisis, this one tragedy only. Everything what what we do aims to advance politics to settle position. He addresses in institute of relation of Muscovite national international say: I expect to today's negotiation very big, want to devote oneself to to come to an agreement above all, instantly termless cease-fire. Russian tower company says, lafuluofu still expresses, at present the mainest is Washington and Brussels should Xiang Jifu raises a requirement, heavy-duty weapon, plane copes with disuse civil establishment, city and dweller. Wu Kelan should abandon all completely highbrow demands, include to let commando disarm and ego destruction.

    As black governmental army is successional be thwarted, the west appeals the sound that supplies a weapon to Wukelandi is increasing. BBC report says, meineidesi of chairman of committee of American senatorial diplomacy will visit Wukelan on August 31 capital radical complementary when express, european Union, north should supply a weapon with the United States about, rangwukelan is OK defend oneself. Beijing letting general to continue aggression pays price.

    Or armed Wu Kelan, or surrenders, " new York Times " say 1 day for the problem with this, russian black two countries is at war nowadays, at least 2200 people die at conflict. The western power that includes beautiful Europe and north to be made an appointment with inside nowadays already did not have what tweak, but they cannot be at a loss what to do. General Beijing forces the west only remnant two terrible option: Or armed Wu Kelan, or is forced base complementary surrender, allow general Beijing to be in be frozen occupationally to conflict by Russia the area is wanton cut is domanial.

    Face a nuclear power nevertheless,

    difference of western country attitude is vast. German TV one platform scale, baltic country hopes to reinforce a war, want strong antagonism Russia. German premier Mokeerxi hopes to strengthen sanction, but object supplying military aid to Wukelandi, afraid this action will bring about conflict to upgrade further.

    The message of committee of mother of soldier of organization of human rights of 1 day of cite weighs Afp, in the past two months, nearly 15 thousand Russia soldiers are sent Wukelan, among them at least 200 people die in the battle, at present Russian army has 7000 to come in Wu Kelan churchyard 8000 people. Face increasingly the condition of out of control and opposed raise the price of the commodities continuously, afp comment says: Fear is increasing, people fears antagonism may gobble up whole continent.

    (Original title: Black just affirms battalion of Russian army tank attends a war both sides approachs full-scale war increasingly)

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    Occupy Japanese media 17 days to report, the small-sized sheet person that technical research center showed company of aircraft of spirit of Japanese love letter and robot of future of university of 1000 leaves industry 17 days to be 4 kinds of configuration changeably vehicle ILY-A.

    The report says, ILY-A is electric vehicle 3 rounds, turn into can sit to drive when bicycle configuration, if fold seat,rise to be able to

    stand to glide. Divide outside can becoming the barrow that carries baggage to use, still can carry after fold move.

    ILY-A highest speed per hour is 10 kilometers, contain automatic turn off a machine and automatic decelerate function, place of person much congested waits in shopping centers also can surely

    travel. Machine of essence love a letter is striven for ILY-A product is rolled out inside 5 years.

    The director of the Gu Tiangui of research center of prospective robot technology says: Each age layers can enlarge his action limits in all sorts of circumstances. Hope those who roll out is vehicle not only, also be the draft resolution of pair of future lifestyle.

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    Chancellery of British local government is less than barber shop absolutely to save expenditure tonsorial

    2022年01月17日 22:59 全国凤凰楼信息网
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    Indonesian zoo is judged the world is the cruelest 3 months are dead 50 animals

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    Grenade of cast of training of Korea Marine Corps produces explosive accident to send 1 dead 2 injuries

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    Iran western produce 5.6 class aftershock to more shake feeling strong shock already caused 50 people injury

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as

    to in an attemp
    t to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Indonesian stop to search for inferior does victim of boat wreck plane still have 56 passengers to be missing origin: ? ?2015-03-18 11:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] search group is searched in all obtain 106 inferior remains of victim of QZ8501 of boat wreck flight, still 56 people miss.

    In report will occupy new network on March 18 outside intermediary report, indonesian country rescues a branch to express, had ended all is in at 17 days of evening Java sea is searched inferior the action of victim of QZ8501 of boat wreck flight. Search group to this day is searched in all obtain 106 victim remains, still 56 people miss.

    Data chart: Local time on March 2, 2015, indonesian Jakarta, indonesian crash inferior boat 8501 flights debris. The intermediary outside occupying reports, indonesian official says 28 days, indonesian had salvaged inferior the last part of debris of airframe of chunk of QZ8501 of boat wreck plane.

    Official of the Indonesian department that rescue confirms, had ended all search operations in Java sea at 17 days of evening, 4 boats that rescue can return Jakarta in the morning in 18 days. A few weeks ago, the rescueing team that searchs team and Indonesian army as international is exited, the dimensions that resc

    ue narrows considerably, remain folk to rescue a team to undertake limit is searched having only.

    Official of the Indonesian department that rescue Supuliyadi (SB Supriyadi) expresses, heretofore had found 106 the victim's rem

    ains. Rescuer last week 6 (14 days) 3 remains discovered below debris of a few planes.

    Inferior boat QZ8501 flight will fly to the crash in Singapore road from Indonesian Si water in the morning on December 28 last year, 162 people are shared on machine, nobody survive.

    The preliminary report that commission of safety of Indonesian country transportation published a few days ago expresses, inferior boat is in kilter before wreck plane crash, because the plane wants to avoid cloud layer, be in short climb of the quickness inside 30 seconds 5000 feet, later again straining, till fall Java sea. But the data that exact cause still remains to unscramble the two flights logger that already found.

    (Original title: Indonesian stop to search for inferior victim of boat wreck plane still has 56 people to be missing)

    Read related: Indonesian president Zun Ke expects visit China in just increase to imprinting Xiamen Airline of 2015-03-24 of capital construction investment introduces 787 planes of the 3rd Boeing to predict to will have event of border land of the remote in 6 2015-03-23 to the end of this year newest progress: Remote just compensates for a victim 70 thousand message is disloyal Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-03-20 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

    2022年01月17日 22:59 东莞新茶交流
  • 贵族宝贝上海论坛

    Abdication of Peng Dingkang of fiducial conference chairman ever held the post of BBC superintend and director of last harbor of Hong Kong (graph)

    2022年01月17日 22:59 广州水磨SPA水疗
  • 上海千花网论坛

    Login install to register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian bureau be exposed to the sun to set 2 army of China of network spy project to be in awesomely: of origin of a list of names posted up? Qu Xian?2014-01-17 11:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel


    e United States is installed bureau China of monitoring be exposinged to the sun is legionary

    Beautiful intermediary says monitoring project already aimed two army of Chinese, the United States just rejects to respond to; abstruse Ba Ma to will announce limitative monitoring measure today

    Data chart

    According to the United States " new York Times " reported on January 14, american state security bureau (NSA) is outside American condition world each district installs software on near 100 thousand computer, embedded hardware carries out monitoring, undertake the network is atttacked (our newspaper reports) yesterday. In the principal monitoring target of NSA, chinese army is in awesomely a list of names posted up. It is reported, this monitoring project already aimed two army of Chinese. The United States just rejects to respond to a country to install army of bureau monitoring China to report.

    Occupy beautiful intermediary story additionally, aobama will publish an address at 17 days, predict to install announce pair of

    countries bureau collect American to communicate billions of times the measure of a few new restriction of the record.

    Beautiful emissary project is in China establish center of two office data

    American official and NSA are concerned " computer network is used " map exposure, NSA and American network headquarters initiate code name to be " quanta " monitoring project, filch his country network information, chinese army is one of first goals. American network spy had aimed spearhead two China army, among them one is located in Shanghai. Si Nuo ascends offerred document to show, the United States had established center of two office data in Chinese churchyard, can give computer embedded and baleful software. Additional, NSA still is mixed in police of system of Russia military affairs, Mexico poison peddles orgnaization of commerce of network, European Union in wantonly filch interior information.

    NSA monitors attributive or will be narrowed

    Integrated outside intermediary report, american president Aobama will announce reform measure at 17 days, to the monitoring of American information orgnaization the plan issues new the golden rule. As we have learned, the country is installed the bureau is large-scale the attributive that collects phone data will be contractible, at present the country brings the bureau phone record to the suspect monitoring range, covered the person that with him be apart involves tether 3 times, report of examine and verify suggests a monitoring dimensions is cut to 2 relations catenary. Additional, the country is installed bureau collection phone data saves fixed number of year to be 5 years at present, according to saying, this one deadline will be asked to shorten. The message still says, a few substantially reform proposal won't be used possibly.

    □ link

    34 officer assess force of beautiful strategy missile cogged

    Air force is curule 15 days announce, force of missile of air force strategy produces the biggest cogged event, 34 officer by suspend sb from his duties. Beautiful intermediary is commented, this incident and strategic missile force are previous a series of scandal report give this to provide annihilative blow power position to reduce most, morale is low, popular feeling drifts. Land radical intercontinental is ballistic the component that missile is force of American Trinitarian nucleus, be in " cold war " the ace that period is antagonism Russia.

    Be managed by 34 officer of punish duty missile launchs control, covering state of person with power Mamusiteluomu air base enlists in army, last summer cogged when monthly business is assessed. (New China in CCTV net of new China Daily)

    Recommend read: Software of monitoring of installation of beautiful security bureau is close 100 thousand targets are Chinese army

    Read related: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Login register text of news of international of ce

    nter of news of the network austral Fujian additional kind of art: Is suddenly of greasepaint of besmear of all over the body of true person model picturesque in dummy origin: ? ?2011-08-22 15:1 of huge rock of discharge  contraction4 Http://www.mnw.cn/

    American artist Mi Di besmears on body of true person model full greasepaint, let him look picturesque go-between is general

    In report will occupy new network on August 22 outside intermediary reports 21 days, in the past, model always places modelling suitable for a painting for the painter, nowadays model people should face more challenges, they are model not only, still be canvas -- Ailikexiamidi is in American artist directly the picture on model body, will real person turned a true person into canvas.

    Innovation brushwork of Mi Di turned planar canvas into 3D the effect, the job of the American president general election that before she says her inspiration originates, participates in.

    Classics artist a dab hand is made, is model looks enough with

    " true " random " false " ?

    Mi Di says, "In politician and public relations people in the job lets me experience the glamour that packs again. Glorious is put greatly actually after similar text version and resource course are decorated. That what is the fountainhead of canvas? It is model of course. Then I regard canvas as model directly, re-create gives different work. " responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_ctt: Central observatory weather forecast: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change to have arrive greatly total fleet of Fujian of rainstorm 2017-09-18 armed police: Arrive again parting when, strong and handsome fitness surpasses the barback 2017-09-18 Fuzhou that cannot forget all one's life publicly to ring down the curtain satisfactorily many 200 athlete takes part in the match Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-09-18 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

    2022年01月17日 22:59 0757广州桑拿夜生活论坛
  • 300元4小时不限次数上门

    Prime minister of peaceful guard government flower pull 21 days to publish televised speech to say, what what produced after general election on

    Feburary 2, 2014 is new a government, will be in charge of establishing politics of a people to reform committee, in order to push each reform of this country.

    Flower pull say, the government had listened to the guard of her leader to come out from a few forum, the opinion that asks to this country the many levels such as politics, society, economy undertake reform; But guard government also needs to uphold constitution and law, because this is reformed relevantly,can be advanced only by parliament and administrative mechanism.

    Flower pull say, because of this, she appeals all contend leave the political party of election of commons of a congress, need to agree to establish politics of a people to reform committee after choose, in order to support the reform of this country, come down certainly with contracted form.

    Flower pull say, this committee also can call Thailand reform committee, be in charge of this matters concerned by a government that produced after general election on Feburary 2, 2014, this committee will complete the program that this country reforms each with two years of time. Flower pull say, the member of this committee will wait for all circles by organization of etc of each professional group, law, political party other delegate composition.

    Oppose governmental group requirement flower is pulled resign the position of caretaker cabinet premier, activity that suspends general election process did not end because of this. Peaceful opposes governmental group " monarchy leaves commission of people of complete and democratic system " offer of spokesman Yi Jia says 21 days, this group will initiate this country 22 days the most large-scale on the history turn over a government to protest demonstrate activity, predict to will 2 million enter the remonstrant demonstrate activity that day to 3 million proponent.

    Yi armour offer says, 22 days of this groups will win in Bangkok field of Luo An of monumental, Xian, grand wraps around 5 places such as park and crossing of Le Ba Song establish the Buddhist nun assembly advocate assembly room, as additional as Bangkok echo each other at a distance of assembly of 10 main viatic.

    Committee of Thailand home human rights published a statement that includes 3 content 21 days, statement turns over the remonstrant demonstrate activity that governmental group will hold to express to be deeply concerned to 22 days, state the ap

    peal protests group leader and guard government do his utmost to prevent the happening of violent incident.

    This statement appeals " monarchy leaves commission of people of complete and democratic system " group and other turn over governmental organization, its protest demonstrate activity must undertake with peaceful means; Guard government also needs the person that taboo armed strength meets put on a show of force, ensure demonstrate person safe.

    2022年01月17日 22:59 佛山按摩论坛0757最新
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    Malaysia celestial being kidnaps originally near that get-off of Chinese book female tourist [graph]

    2022年01月17日 22:59 找个陪游女电话
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    About a hundred daughter-in-law of Japanese is produced with grandpa spermatozoon external fertilization child be pointed to to violate ethics

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