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The capital of a country according to Japan news agency will report on July 28, go 17 years, japan had been born 118 farthe

r-in-law spermatozoon + daughter-in-law ovum external fertilization baby. It is reported, this month end, japan grows wild county the decanal root ferry of an infecund medical establishment announces this one result on the Japanese society that 8 Ji will hold in Tokyo.

Arrive from 1996 2013, japan shares 110 pairs of couples to cannot be borne without spermatozoon and accept marital father because of the husband (50-70) spermatozoon helps, have external fertilization operation successfully. Actually, already 79 pregnant woman produce next babies successfully, 17 females accept the spermatozoon of grandpa twice to produce external fertilization baby. Birth baby adds up to 118. In addition, 8 Ji still express root ferry, husband and wife of 28 pairs of Japan accepts the spermatozoon t

hat brotherly place of the husband offers, additionally 8 pairs of husband and wife accept the sperm that the family member place besides marital father and brother donates.

Current, the spermatozoon that Japanese department of gynaecology and obstetrics learns to allow Japanese couple to accept faceless tripartite place to offer has operation of artificial be fertilized. This society ever criticised this kind of practice can make Japanese household concern or human concern become complex, say, set out from angle of happiness and benefit, future may produce the thing that expect is less than.

" associated news " say, this kind of Japanese cure is infecund not the method of Yo, counteractive low birthrate may because make,household concern happens disorder and bring about of Japanese countryman be anxious and controversy. But, 8 Ji are accepting root ferry Japan " read sell news " when interviewing, express, be in Japan, the hope is absent from the couple that spermatozoon or ovum acquire to donate over there family a few. He explains at the same time, the couple that after exchanging views cautiously through what relapse, the choice accepts spermatozoon or ovum presents, also can be in friendly familial relationship is established between the family member of existence kin originally, and such word, infantile approach also can become clear.


 An Daxi of Premier Han candidate is exposed to the sun to have asset of a huge sum to obtain a huge sum of money when the lawyer

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tral Fujian to go up it is difficult that weight of suicide of the fattest man speaks even breath speaks even breath 400 kilograms (graph) origin: ?  tries know well?2014-08-19 16:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] weight ever amounted to 400 kilograms, did not take pass by on one's way 7 years, it is very difficult to join breath, talk.

International is online stalk of grain only: According to England " daily Post " will report on August 18, the Jinapudi in Guam man (Ricky Naputi) weight ever amounted to 400 kilograms, come for years all the time with make a stand against of food addiction disease. He ever did not take pass by on one's way 7 years, final because of excessive and fat cannot the operation reduces weight and acedia commit suicide.

Napudi's wife thanks beautiful Er (Cheryl) says, take care of the husband to resemble taking care of an overweight baby, napudi can be waited for only go up in the bed, thank Lier to had done everything for him, include to cook, clean body, help its use the toilet even even. Xie Li Er says, when marrying, she knows, if accept general is carried carelessly weight problem, she loses him probably.

General of accept of the fattest man carries the world to ever was taken care of by Er of wife Xie Li old.

Napudi cannot take care of him even, it is very difficult to join breath, talk.

Napudi cannot take care of him even, it is very difficult to join breath, talk.

As a result of asthma, accept general mentions barely conversation, often need the help of aerobic machine. He ever also had thought with Xie Li Er bears children, but Yinnapudi is excessive and fat, their affiance was not finished even. In d

espair, napudi discovers renown woman passes Si Duiyi so that the city rests shrink gastric operation reduces weight successfully 80 kilograms, he hopes to change the life through same way. He should excise the stomach of 80% possibly for this, but premise is to reduce weight 40 kilograms of ability accept an operation.

In a few years subsequently, napudi reduces weight several times several times to fail, cause marital rupture finally. Napudi also suffers from accordingly went up serious depressed illness, take medical take one's own life finally, when dying year only 39 years old. Napudi's story can'ts help making a person pay close attention to the fat trend that sweeps across the whole world more. (Willow)

(Original title: The fattest man takes the world weight of medical commit suicide amounts to 400 kilograms 7 years have not walks (graph) )

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ring city makes happy and senile living

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an rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


Will last two years the revenue that; provides to employer wants capture to employee is responsible

Dispatch will occupy the net austral Fujian on December 31 outside intermediary reports 29 days, french supreme court approves a government to impose the proposed law of 75% revenue tax what put forward

to the individual of good-paying. This one imposition will last two years, those are in the person that 2013 exceed million euro with middleaged 2014 firewood will be affected.

According to the report, after French government puts forward draft of tall tax law of this one person the earliest, be ruled to be by the constitution committee of this country before a year unconstitutional. Ao Langde government was made to draft later revise, formulary employer to pay of employee of above of euro of yearly salary million the taxation of 75% is in charge of. Some earlier this year moment, football club of France, business circles and pl

ute people draft of tall to this also tax law expresses to object and be condemned.

But multinomial civilian attune shows as a result, french public supports a government generally this temporarily case of tall tax law.

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 新上海龙凤Singapore aviation one plane sends personnel of 22 injuries part to be cast to rise by strong air current contuse