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上海验证徐汇白妃Mozambique carries 34 people plane to be missing passenger capacity and citizenship inaccuracy are decided


 Japan attempts " show reef is an island " enlarge ocean area or next year were declared in January

 Flower dash against building glides before the plane takes off or because track is too narrow be caused by

Premier Ma Lai is quite medium square: Each just must scrupulously abide by Nanhai behavior enunciative

 It is very dangerous that Ceng She of escaped criminal of escape from prison of favour of Lai of murderer of case of American campus pop kills 3 people (graph)

 Chinese hacker is pointed to to inbreak filch of computer of board of inquiry of Ma Hang MH370 breaks adjustment to examine data



German Ministry of Foreign Affairs will admit to drive out on July 31 Libyan halt heart a senior diplomat in di

plomatic corps, but did not drive out publicly reason.

Drive out the news of Libyan diplomat is the earliest by Germany " focus " weekly report, 31 days obtain German Ministry of Foreign Affairs testimony of a witness of a speech is solid. This spokesman says, classics " examine carefully " , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs Libyan diplomat of Sha Lifu of rare sand Mu " undesirable " , the family that tells he and him m

ust " deadline leave a country " .

"Undesirable " , it is one country drives out normally when additionally one abroad pays an official, euphemistic diplomacy language appropriate to occasion of the government.

The spokesman says, before making this one decision, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs listened to Germany to bring the opinion of all door.

Media of a few wests is judged, german Ministry of Foreign Affairs may think Er blocks Shalifu and Libyan leader Mu Amai Za Fei " associate is very close " .

" focus " report, sha Lifu just will be appointed to be on July 22 Libyan when be stationed in heart embassy to face, do sth for sb.

Lawyer of Sha Lifu tells " focus " , he can represent Shalifu to put forward to protest to German government, because drive out,the husband in sand is meant " after Shalifu goes back to the motherland, will be forced civil war of be involved in, he and wife children are assassinated possibly by opposition " .

In addition, libyan opposition armed personnel will plagiarizesend armed forces to suppress in class Jia Xiqing on July 31 a Libyan government army permeate arm, shoot dead much person, arrest tens of people. Official of a few opposition is maintained, these armed personnel are Du Le of A Bo of commander of assassinate opposition war - of Fadaheyounisi really fierce.

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Japanese nucleus leak has not affect my sea area


According to England " flower in times " report, the Valentine's Day that the lover is absent. To those by the spouse of real environment space character, today is not a festival. Below the circumstance that tightens up in policy of British spouse visa, 2012 arrive between 2013, already had 17, spouse of 800 foreign nationality by refus outside door of country of Yu Ying country.

Wang Xiang and David are a pair of among them husband and wife that cross a state. They will marry in June last year, will be informed refus is signed October last year. David initiates autograph petition, challenge the decision of Home Office, already collected more than 1000 signature at present. And emigrant right net also is being initiated " we are families " make a stand against moves, a lot of be in to join by disjunctive husband and wife.

Make a stand against: "We are families "

Wang Xiang and David cross a state this pair husband and wife, already was parted 8 months. The Valentine's Day this year, have lots and lots of husband and wife like them, join " emigrant right net " (MigrantRightsNetwork, MRN) initiates " we are families " make a stand against moves.

Ms. Wang Xiang is 39 years old, tell fluent English, it is writer of a China, already published book in China and France 8, also be in more column of international journal compose. David Antony, 48 years old, it is British citizen, advanced library assistant is held the position of in Cantabrigian university. He is a poet at the same time, work already published the poetry journal of 30 above of Yu Ou beauty. They are acquainted on poetry net, inclination agrees, see at was in June 2012 at the beginning of Cambridge.

Their keep no secrets from each other, agree on literature and art not only, yearning also and same life style. Be in next in half an year, they interact continuously, between Yu Lundui going there and back and Cambridge, feeling develops very quickly, that year winter, wang Xiang decides to move Cambridge and David to live together.

"We spent 6 very happy months in all, " David says, "Wang Xiang is cordial, breadth of mind is open, the woman with moral powerful consciousness... . " big Wei Zaisheng day that day, propose to her.

Wang Xiang is firm in those days by refus resident (the) that is the application after divorcing with former husband in her then. She recollects: "The requirement of Home Office of my according to, will leave England on April 28, return Guangzhou city. To pay off I and big Wei Zaijian the housing of the bridge borrows money, I sold me the boarding house in home. On June 9, 2013, ai Li dark comes to David and his twin little sister Guangzhou city looks me. David and I marry at will be in Zhongshan city on June 13. We lie between day of conjugal visa application that submitted me namely. We lie between day of conjugal visa application that submitted me namely..

After 4 months that submitted visa application, wang Xiang will receive a telephone call in October last year, the British embassy that asks she goes to Beijing has speak to sb face to face.

Examine: Proud with bias

Interview is to b

e in a very little room. Emigrant official is a young man, the face does not have expression. His problem breaks from very close to each other: How long do you stay in England? Is arriving at England for the first time when? Is your former husband birthday when? When you marry? Is you meet for the first time when? Your birthday that currently holds the post ofthe husband is when to be waited a moment.

Emigrant official asks Wang Xiang, marriage why burst. She tells emigrant official the home of former husband to violence is. "So why are you absent does China go back after marital burst? " emigrant official asks.

"Because a lot of divorce formalities need,handle, " Wang Xiang answers, "My lawyer also tells me at that time, I do not need to answer China instantly, say I can issue application in the 8th resident. Say I can issue application in the 8th resident..

What the inquiry of emigrant official lets Wang Xiang feel to be full of racialism is proud with bias. Tell him when Wang Xiang, she ever held the position of justice labour in the service orgnaization of home cruel victim, help pick up the telephone, fill in for the victim form, emigrant official asks her: "Fill in who does form give? " " government. " Wang Xiang answers.

"That that is to say, do you want welfare to the government in side other? " the relation that speaks of Wang Xiang and David, emigrant official asks: "When do you begin? "When do you begin??

"After dating for the first time. " Wang Xiang answers.

"Is you call that ' appointment ' ? " emigrant official asks again. "What color is his car? "What color is his car??

"I do not know. "I do not know..

"Don't you know? ! !!

"How can I know, I had not seen his car. He rides a bicycle. He rides a bicycle..

"Does he pour a bottom to have a car? Do you understand not to know my problem? " emigrant official asks again.

Influence: Skype maintains marriage

Wang Xiang gave in all evidence that can prove she and fact of big Wei Zhen concern: Domestic photograph, christmas card, contact correspondence, etc. And the manner of emigrant official lets her know, the decision of authorities is actually early already made before interview. "Emigrant official is not to be in with my interview, talking with the enemy of a hypothesis however, " Wang Xiang says, "He knows his power, this influence is not made judge. He can feel my revolt, because this is opposite immediately,I have allergy. Because this is opposite immediately,I have allergy..

Emigrant official will continue to make fictitious enemy, and will continue to be forced part like Wang Xiang and the spouse that protect such loving each other greatly. Last year on October 17, wang Xiang is applied for by the announcement by refus. Home Office thinks she applies for to live is for his job. Did not provide any specifications nevertheless. Her a:appellant process will be a endless year. "Feel the marriage that is like us brought prison life of 9 years for each other, " she says.

Apply for oneself by refus hind, wang Xiang and David can lean only epistolary will maintain marriage with Skype. Whole on the weekend, they talk on Skype, pour out the longing to each other. Since half an year, they plan to be in Europe all the time somewhere brief appearance gets together, but did not obtain visa, fail to embark on a journey. Wang Xiang contracted insomnious disease accordingly, can sleep only every night 34 hours. Face such situation, of need is the adamancy of what kind. She so the mood that describes oneself:

"If I am married, is a fisher, should go to sea regularly fish, so brief depart is destined.

If I am married, is a soldier, be attended by be recruited war, so brief depart also is destined.

I can await, no matter how long, till him triumphal and return. Although same ground is alone, but I won't grouse, because the whole world knows, we love each other. We love each other..

"However at the moment we await at the same time however, at the same time cherish is indignant. The love because of us by merciless ground, without any legal basis ground, was gotten on by bake in a pan a false brand. From what be signed by refus that rises momently, appeal and recovery innocence became the focus that we live. In the snow night of England, we once were grasping to peotry anthology photograph is embraced and be held in the arms, grasping candle night talks. At the moment we can hold a phone only however, talk to Skype, besides discuss how to appeal besides, those who talk is negative land settlement policy, the colour bar and enemy deficient creed, these topics that do not belong to newly-married originally... we still are saying me to love you, everyday in the morning, mix midday before sleeping, our love and longing grow day and day, but this is a kind of how agonized sweetness. But this is a kind of how agonized sweetness..

The action: Our meeting reunion

David initiated autograph to move in England, ask social masses to support their petition, challenge the decision of Home Office, to the first ten days of a month this Feburary, had had 1100 many sign one's name.

British Home Office begins from July 2012, carry out austere family immigrant is new politics, the regulation aids financially spouse of blame European Union to come flower the lowermost yearly salary of the person that settle is 18, 600 pound. Besides the standard of yearly salary, below new policy, resident evaluation of the applicant period lengthen from two years, in order to judge the authenticity that husband and wife concerns.

Home Office estimates at that time, of this code carry out, will check every year about 18, spouse of 500 foreign nationality is immigrant England is resident. Annual, estimation will have 15 at least, 000 pairs of husband and wife can be broken. Below new policy, 2012 arrive between 2013, already had 17, spouse of 800 foreign nationality by refus outside door of country of Yu Ying country. Case show, even if the requirement that achieved income, possible also because of policy constrictive and by refus. Accordingly, a lot of people were stripped domesticity -- especially young low firewood household, and the personage of a few a group of things with common features descendants of social resource scarcity.

Ministry of delibrate of immigrant of group of the congress that cross a party (the investigation that APPG) launched a family to emigrate to the influence of this policy, with knowing a family deep immigration laws compasses is opposite individual and village concussion. The result shows, a lot of flower people and their immigrant spouse is covered the influence of new policy directly by this.

From last year, organizations of a lot of emigrant rights and interests were started jointly second build up the action, the citizen last summer is for instance petitionary, to Tang Ning the street submitted the couplet handle by proxy of 3500 people. This, emigrant right net (MigrantRightsNetwork) is passed through " we are families " motion, build up once more social personage, the hope can be applied to authorities again pressure.

Wang Xiang and David still continue to awaiting.

"Occasionally, england the violent storm there, I am met all the time when in the middle of the night, it is only restful; I am not in the home, we are in Cantabrigian home desolate, the beautiful all on the balcony died, freezer always is absolutely empty; My gentleman besides go to work, never leave home, defend everyday before Skype; Occasionally, he is flimsy like dot: ' not be because of you be

side me, I look old 10 years old, do you still love me? ' this kind of hardships that await is provoking, the convict ability with only very grave grievance understands. We believe only, love launch a mass campaign is gotten the better of evil, obtain justice. Sooner or later, our meeting reunion. Our meeting reunion..

 上海验证徐汇白妃Aobama condemns Ferguson violent incident: Arson is destroyed endanger people security


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