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上海千花网坊Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report

, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide
for the aged is taken


 Euramerican or for Wukelan the government raises 1.5 billion euro is contributory rebuild black the eastpart part

 Appear for safe Russia for the career for the child new " emigrant tide "

First class of Sino-US deputy minister of foreign affairs fears consulting 15 days to be held in American capital Washington instead. Negotiation fears general affairs coordinating Yuankai to amount to Nuo ambassador to be chaired jointly instead by Cheng Guoping of undersecretary of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and American the State Council, american deputy Secretary of State rests ell makes a speech, two countries attends about sectional delegate.

In negotiation, sino-US both sides fears instead with respect to international and area situation, respective fear situation and policy move exchanging a view instead, emphasize strengthen on foun

dation of equal collabo
ration, two-way mutual benefit fear communicating collaboration to undertake be discussinged deep instead, gain extensive consensus. What both sides is condemned consistently and insist to oppose all forms is terroristic, devote oneself to to strengthen jointly fear cooperating instead. Just emphasize in " Dong Yiyun " the horror of horrible organization is substaintial, requirement beauty square slam the door " double standard " , understanding and supportive China are hit with " Dong Yiyun " be a delegate " east dash forward " the effort of horrible force.

Fearing this consulting instead is to fulfil a of achievement of dialog of the strategy below Sino-US strategy and economic dialog frame specific act the 6th round. Both sides decides timely class of Sino-US deputy minister of foreign affairs is held the 2nd times to fear consulting instead in China. (new China)

 France and sand special or sign to Lebanon carry weapon contract aids his to defend safety

 上海千花网坊Log onto the Li of general of wife of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that registers FacebookCEO of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to hope to pull · old accept beautiful intermediary to interview origin: ? Salary  ?2014-06-02 17:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Pu Li hopes to pull · old accept " beautiful now " interview

According to report of phoenix science and technology, · of Facebook CEO m

ark plunges into Ke Baige (the Li of general of wife of foreign citizen of Chinese origin of Mark Zuckerberg) hopes to pull · old (Priscilla Chan) was accepted a few days ago " beautiful now " compere Safanna Gusirui (of Savannah Guthrie) , shared her childhood fun and the story with Zakebaige. This also is she accepts TV to interview first. (relevant news: Pu Li hopes to pull setting of world of · Chen Sheng to uncover secret is Facebook proprietress [graph] )

It is 10 cover a point below:

1. likes unlined upper garment of Zakebaige that connect a cap

Pu Li hopes to pull · Chen Biao to show, the mark sex that wears everyday almost to Zakebaige connects cap unlined upper garment, she very suit. She expresses, plunging into Kebaige's move to install is her afraid least of all problem.

"I support him to wearing the unlined upper garment that connect a cap. It is wearing everyday new-style the unlined upper garment that connect a cap, can satisfy me to be worn to his lowest outfit requirement, " she says, "I worry about 3 eat one day his more. " Pu Li hopes to pull · Chen Toulou, zakebaige works occasionally too excited, and forget have a meal, wear with respect to shout next fall ill, headache.

2. education experience is main

Pu Li hopes to pull · old say, her parents is taking refugee boat to leave home, seek a good future, but do not understand to educational system of the United States. She is grown below maternal company, its mother should work, and be won't English-speaking grandfather grandma becomes an interpreter.

Regard the home as the first undergraduate in, she expresses: "To me, education is a serious individual problem. If you are the children of the university on the generation in the home, sometimes the potential that you won't realize yourself, point out till others come. " Pu Li hopes to pull · explain, her Bai Le is the teacher of public school, latter makes her infatuate to learning.

3. as the firstborn daughter in the home, growing process is not easy

Pu Li hopes to play end of reason of · Chen Jiang the firstborn daughter identity at her. "I am very fretted really, " she says, "I am in the home seniority old, I may be the most typical firstborn daughter, I am handling my little sister is working to do that all the time. I am handling my little sister is working to do that all the time..

4. can say language of the Three Kingdoms

Pu Li hopes to pull · Chen Hui to say English, spanish and Cantonese. "Cantonese says in the home when I am small. Be in the school and United States, say English of course. " she says.

Be judged to be when 5. high school " class talent "

"I had obtained this one honor really " , she admits, "Actually, I have a lot of very bright fellow students. Another ' class talent ' now is nuclear energy physicist. " 6. Affirmative meeting wants the child

"We very want a child. But now, we are busying the child that takes care of someone else. " she says.

7. and Zakebaige attend sheperd dog

General Li hopes to pull Za Kebai case of · Chen He to have a Hungarian sheperd dog, the name is " beast " , "All-round " . She says for fun, zakebaige is right " beast " took degree seriously to exceed her.

8. surpriseds to the curiosity of her identity to the outside

Pu Li hopes to pull · old say, so much to having person is interested in her identity, she feels very open-eyed. She expresses, oneself just become the Everyman of a doctor through grooming.

9. queues up to go up Zakebaige is encountered first when the toilet

"When we date for the first time, he tells me to want to date with me more, and do not want to come home the midterm that finish. I at that time very astonish. " she says.

Pu Li hopes to pull · Chen Xi to hope Rangzakebaige comes home, in order to finish a midterm, but this Rangzakebaige thinks Pu Li hopes to pull · old to his disinclination. "As a result he tries to persuade me to spend more time and him to be together. " Pu Li hopes to pull · explain.

Person of 10. hope more to me same regard Zakebaige

"Very regretful, people does not have the one

side that the law sees Zakebaige is interesting, considerate like me, " she says, "He is very sensitive, take the demand of someone else seriously really, open-armed hope can make someone else happy. This is the Zakebaige that I understand. This is the Zakebaige that I understand..

Relevant news: Facebook author and wife of foreign citizen of Chinese origin are contributed 120 million aid low income education

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