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上海龙凤1314Malaysia government will hold large press conference 10 days midday


 Party chieftain of one political party not repairs south Africa tile enters into an election contest failure bites a cap madly to cash acceptance (graph)


The member that the United States is stationed in harbor to always get house official and information person was exploded a few days ago represent hold a conference or consultation to denounce with Hong Kong student go on strike the action. Liu Naijiang of committee member of basic law committee also explodes makings say, establish the center of Hong Kong United States within university of Hong Kong Chinese apparently show a person in order to teach an orgnaization, essence is to Hong Kong opposition offers make a stand against to groom, the base that supports the port of the chaos in turning over such as the action in occupying.


ccording to Hong Kong " civil report " 24 days of reports, sign the Hong Kong that the Zhang date of democratic true brother uploads group of English of party of a citizen and Chen Fangan 16 days to give birth to dominant 2020 this month conference of 5 days is recorded, one of attendant the United States is stationed in harbor to always get house official red to build luck to say especially, washington asks to continue to drive force of folk, society to strive for democracy to appeal to in Hong Kong try exercise, drive adolescent to act vanward part in company use especially, more say the United States supports a student sturdily, can protect student leader, outside including to go to, study abroad, resident. Although citizen party sends statement to deny, but Liu Naijiang of committee member of basic law committee discloses, dangairuite is repaired at was in college of Hong Kong city 2011 read a doctor's degree, the information that ever was engaged in nearly 30 years at American different branch before works, come the position before harbor is director of department of American department of defense, senior spy also.

Liu Naijiang more explode makings, university of Hong Kong Chinese sets an orgnaization that calls Hong Kong United States the center, forestall a knowledge education teaching material of 8 universities of Hong Kong. Hong Kong " civil report " say, harbor beautiful center will adjust central director last year in November, the Xia Long that holds the position of a director since 2000 leaves his post, successor is Hou Rujie. Hou Rujie is the master that the United States is stationed in Xia Qianfu of harbor consul general, xia Qianfu one's early years ever worked together with him when office work of work of China of American the State Council, two people relationship is close, hou Rujie takes up the post of director of harbor beautiful center in 3 months after Xia Qianfu assumes office, apparent Xia Qianfu is to want Hou Rujie of have the aid of to carry out implement policy of American Hong Kong. Liu Naijiang also says, hou Rujie is veteran of American information branch, never have any academia qualifications and record of service however, and harbor beautiful center is the closest an activity is agitate student demonstration.

In addition, types of facial makeup in operas hears Hong Kong to disclosed a few days ago when the page only, harbor beautiful center will hold the working workshop of two days of one night to 16 days on March 15 this year, be perfectly justifiable grooms the undergraduate serves as the backbone in occupying, these method enough show, american intervenes in the materiality of Hong Kong the activity will increase considerably, the meeting in be being occupied even gets the main hel

p of beautiful authorities. Will publish this year in April " Chinese redbud " the magazine also is announced, the participator of working lane is actually reach mysterious politician to give lessons by scholar of VIP of a few political parties, international, the negotiation in teaching a student how to face large put on a show of force to protest an activity is politic, place for Hong Kong general election so called the bottom line that cannot withdraw and footing. " Chinese redbud " speak bluntly, the university alliance orgnaization that harbor beautiful center is gain of a blame apparently, its directorate member also includes the president of many university, but the real support that substantial United States is stationed in harbor to always get a house just is this orgnaization. Liu is strong doubt to say, hou Rujie, Xia Qianfu, add as close as relation of Li Zhiying of chairman of one medium group before Woerfuweici of undersecretary of American department of defense (namely Dangairuite's Qianshangsi) , happened to coincide recently get together in sweet river, be by no means accidental, it is to combine Hong Kong opposition to make menace or the conduct that harm national security likely.

American wont borrows blame government organization to do subversive activities. Many social personage criticism say, the United States attempts to move the color revolution experience of hamster to Hong Kong, behavior is quite dangerous. Liu Naijiang says, foreign force is so naked intervene Hong Kong politics changes avowedly, head of still minor head of high school student also is foreign interest partner, the student leader that at least attends a meeting people not be innocent ignorance absolutely, sufferred bewitch. They are to know completely true general election and in occupying, etc is how the original price of one and the same is not expensive also, suffer the United States to protect namely nothing more than, go to a foreign country to study abroad resident. Conference director Chen Yong weighs couplet of new Territories mass organizations, the United States is in the harbor beautiful center that Hong Kong establishs, from its job property, your person feels the United States is about to move hamster experience to Hong Kong, try to intervene the internal general affairs of Hong Kong, hope citizen can recognize its real features. Hong Kong major and senior administrator association achieve conference chairman Rong Yongqi to also say, existing information shows, hong Kong politics changes a problem to be had a hand in interpose by outside force, be not what youth place thinks to be reached so simply pure. (round-the-world times is stationed in Xie La of reporter of Hong Kong engage by special arrangement)

Login register Facebook of mother of Australia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to bask in darling photograph madly to complain origin: ?  tries know well?2015-04-15 16:54 Http://www.mnw.cn/

International is online stalk of grain only: According to England " daily Post " will report on April 14, the bud that basks in darling on the net is illuminated, the habit that records their every little bit to had become many father and mother. However, a behavior that the mother basks in darling photograph madly sufferred Australia however of the friend complain, be stopped to update all photographs about darling and trends on Facebook by the requirement.

Is this mother called clean heart? Lu Siwen (Jade Ruthven) , this year 33 years old, it is division of tooth of a clean. She what person parent is first uploaded a large number of him darling on Facebook Ai Disen (Addison) photograph, ai Disen changed new clothes or including is mattess of him climb down.

One day, lu Siwen receives an an anonymous letter, say oneself suffer with a few girls on the letter enough the behavior that Lu Siwen basks in darling photograph madly, and express ferociously: We have the child, also love oneself child, every parent feels his child is best, but we won't brush screen to let others look forcibly.

Still point out in the letter: She changed new clothes, we won't grant holder! ! ! She herself can climb next cushion, involve our what issue! ! ! You every day Ai Di this Ai Di that, we think after a month can disappear stops a point, thinking of is not such. Not be everybody is interested in the thing that you send, let us rest rest. We so make the think of a way that wants to let you know people is real only.

When Lu Siwen says he receives this letter, thinking originally is invitation letter, be overjoyed; Thinking of is to seal those who be full of many firm word and exclamatory mark to complain a letter actually, resemble by person fan spank. She says: At first I think is somebody jokes, I was read 4 times even, gas must quiver.

Lu Siwen does not know who the person that writes this letter is from beginning to end, oneself also are done not have in the life and anybody antagonize. Lu Siwen still weighs him and did not complain a letter because of th

is and be thwarted, because this stops,also won't continue to send the behavior of the graph on the net.

Lu Siwen of 33 years old basks in the photograph of him darling Ai Disen madly on the net. (webpage cut pursues)

The netizen basks in the behavior of the photograph madly to Lu Siwen to feel cheesed, what the graph sends for the netizen is faceless complain a letter.

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