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    Mexican traffic and Department of Transportation say 19 days, exceed investment 6 billion to compare all alone (close about 4. 5.4 billion dollar) for Labeisidiya date train is carried fast 3 times, the train will be carried at was being finished 2018 fas


    Divide outside raising transport power, stimulative place to develop, this the train is carried fast still will produce an additional result, the central america immigrant that that allows to attempt to cross the United States secretly namely cannot mount the train that high speed runs.

    Come for years, central america is emigrant through mounting Labeisidiya date and another trains pass through Mexico reachs American border, this year about 6. 30 thousand children that accompany without family borrow this to reach American border. The United States is applied to Mexico from this pressure, ask its solve this one problem. (An Xiaomeng)

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    Philippine assault many survival one year by the typhoon still stay tent

    Exceed strong typhoon salangane assault is Philippine had gone near one year, the job rebuilds to make progress in a few heavy disaster area after calamity slow, many victims still are in the stay in be being built temporarily, cause the dissatisfaction of a few people to the government. Presidential Beininiaoajinuo sansei defends 7 days, oneself are likewise anxious, rebuild nevertheless need time.

    Last year on November 8, salangane assault is Philippine, cause 7350 people to die or be missing, millions person become destitute and homeless. After nearly one year, tens of thousands of survival still lives in the dangerous area of governmental incorporate into administrative areas, stay at tent, pallet hut with etc temporarily in shelter. These district future may be assaulted again by storm.

    Afp report, although many victims still live in danger, the building of Philippine government rebuilds the job just just began. Last week, phenanthrene government is through an amount 160 billion than all alone (add up to 3.6 billion dollar about) comprehensive plan rebuilds after calamity. This one plan passes the evening of time, rangajinuo is criticized not less.

    Although the building rebuild

    s the job is slow, but a few important infrastructure of major stricken be hit by a natural adversity area and service had restored stage by stage. Associated press report, the area that gets salangane assault for the most part has restored the life to be supplied with water and the sources of energy, communication serves co
    urse of study to had restored. Additional, before comprehensive program is passed, of the important infrastructure such as road, bridge and hospital rebuild the job has begun. Below the help that helps an organization in a few main international, philippine government develops vaccinal and vaccinal project, millions children is benefited accordingly. Additional, the government still supplies paddy seed to a few farmers. If aid of a few international organizes cite, A Jinuo says, make photograph comparing with the extensive go back to work after Indonesia encountered seismic sea wave makes a surprise attack 2004, rebuild Philippinely rate is rapidder. (Beijing youth signs up for)

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    The United States does not allow newly to be stationed in U.N. ambassador Abutanbi to extend to Iran visa

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    Air force overall length sells martial secret before

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    Bay the volunteer is low-key before rescueing color of orange of dress of the plane that break couplet to subdue, go to

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    In report will occupy new network on October 13 Thailand " world daily " report, vice-chairman of the witenagemot before deceased Thailand, red unlined upper garment army cacique A wraps around the Song classics of bark and ceremony of the water that asperse emperor, 12 days are in warm fierce government office undertakes inside temple of a Buddha. This country ex-premier flower pull also at attending funeral that evening.

    It is reported, a wraps around Wang Ciqian is in Philippine die of illness. As red unlined upper garment army cacique, because he is in red unlined upper garment army the opinion on public affairs that affront Thailand imperial family publishs avowedly on demonstrate speech arena, be given orders after military goverment appears on the stage order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large. But he escapes Philippine hind because of pneumonic die, after this remains is carried by the family member to warm Wu Li government office pulls admire temple to hold funeral.

    Funerary local time 12 days in the morning 9 when begin, spot sadness hush. Predecessor of the domestic member of the person that die, relative, close personage, party that it is peaceful is civilian generation, red cacique of army of unlined upper garment and people are headed for attend funeral, express to express sympathy and solicitude for to its family member.

    Local time afternoon 4 when, wrap around for A bark colonel remains asperses holy water ceremony to begin formally, by before

    itenagemot prolocutor always Yo is chaired. Ex-premier flower pull criterion local time in the evening 7 when attend funeral.

    It is reported, a wraps around bark funeral will hold 3 days continuously, namely 12 days come 14 days this month.

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promot

    ion prov
    ide for the aged is taken

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report,

    the form such
    as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Pass abstruse cling to does footman Fu make divorce groundless allegation from why and come?

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    Xinhua net amounts to card on August 4 report a ferry is in Bangladesh 4 days the capital amounts to the Padema near card the river is sunken, about 200 passengers carry

    on the boat. According to media coverage, already about 50 passengers are rescued, more than 100 people are missing.

    Because Hou Sai of local police chief tells Xinhua News Agency the reporter, local time 11 when 15 minutes, the river of handkerchief heart Ma that this ferry that holds about 200 people is in in the 37 kilometers austral capital Da Kadong is sunken. When accident happening, this ferry overloaded passenger, accident reach streams is turbulent.

    Because Hou Sai says, rescuing job is undertaking in, proper motion of a few passengers swims to bank escape from a danger, but still cannot affirm specific casualty.

    Up to now, the account that heavy boat accident produces still is no

    t clear about.

    Bangladesh whole nation has 250 size river about, boat movement is one of main traffic means. As a result of many passenger liner year long disrepair, add overload serious, heavy boat accident happens from time to tome.

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject repor

    t, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, vide
    o, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Japanese Tian Longchuan turns over boat accident to send 1 dead 3 be missing 21 people are rescued (graph)

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does beautiful Europe of Wu Kelan go about telling people how hard up one is send Qianeluosi to cry along He Gan board the west? Origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-03-06 12:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] premier Yacainiuke expresses 5 days, wu Kelan is current finance situation is very grim.

    Data chart

    Dispatch premier Yacainiuke will indicate the net austral Fujian 5 days on March 6, wu Kelan is current finance situation is very grim.

    Wu Kelan condition appears 4 days alleviation evidence. Beijing of Ru

    ssia president general says, russia is in only " most below extreme circumstance " ability will be right Wukelan uses army. American president Aobama expresses, wukelanke becomes the friend with the west and collective Russia. The proposal that China represents to support international society to be helpful for alleviation condition and mediate try hard. Czech, Turkey, Greek wait for national appeal to resolve difference through the dialog, avoid to let a got-up affair upgrade.

    The United States looks for step to say black can become collective friend

    Analytic personage thinks, although beautiful Europe and Russia are on Wu Kelan problem,the manner fails to meet each other, but both sides does not wish as complete as Russia become enemies. Will look at present, western country maintains a kind of delicate balance in effort and Russia.

    Just look from the United States, aobama 4 days of expression alleviate somewhat. He is in that day capital Washington an elementary school federally 2015 money year when media quizs, the answer after the budget publishs an address says, want to just do not pass a military affairs to wait to the method enters Wukelan and try to interfere this answering that decide by what Wu Kelan's people makes each only, wu Kelan " capable " the friend that becomes the west already, become the friend of Russia again.

    Russian minister of foreign affairs hauls husband collect husband on Secretary of State of day and 5 United States Kerry and delegate of diplomacy of other west country hold the meeting. This will be Wu Kelan parliament these two beautiful Russia are ritzy since power of privative Yanukeweiji's president of the member that fasten diplomat meet first. Country of a few wests hopes to lend machine facilitating Russia and Wukelan the dialog. Afp analysis, increasing pair of Russia diplomacy pressure while, the United States is in law, heart, flower general is giving capital below the support that waits for a country " seek chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position " .

    Kerry touchs black to will provide 1 billion loan

    Yacainiuke of Premier Wu Kelan says 5 days on governmental meeting, situation of Wu Kelan finance is very grim, the total economy support that Monetary Fund of the United States, international and European Union provide to Wu Kelan conduces to stable situation. He says, russia soldier " the existence on Wu Kelan territory " to Wukelan economy produces negative effect. Kelimiya the recuperate this year is seasonal " likelihood bubble soup " , won't have travel income, national budget needs to increase allowance to Kelimiya.

    Bieliebinisi of director of bureau of policy of information of Wu Kelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs passes telecommunications company bulletin 5 days to say to international article, alleged be in the report that deploy of Wu Kelan territory guides the system undertakes negotiating instead " do not accord with a fact " . Wu Kelan and United States are undertaking negotiating with respect to finance aid, the negotiation did not include any additional requirements.

    Baluozun of chairman of European Union committee says 5 days in Brussels, european Union preparation is dialing 11 billion euro to Wukelan in the near future total support. 4 days are arrived at base the American Secretary of State of complementary visit expresses in the gram, the United States will be used up oneself can help Wukelan, preparation borrows money for 1 billion dollar to Wukelandi.

    Russia just denies army to be in Kelimiya

    Lafuluofu says the Russia minister of foreign affairs that having a visit in Spain 5 days, solve the key of crisis of current Wu Kelan, it is honesty abides by the agreement that Wu Kelan government and opposition will sign on Feburary 21, not should " self-righteous " , deceive oneself as well as others. He criticizes western country to appear in Wukelan do not have when a got-up affair that violates legal right make response in time, weighing this is " have infectivity very much, bad example " .

    Security of Wu Kelan state and rupee of handkerchief of secretary of national defence committee say 5 days, condition of the Mi Ya in the gram still extraordinary tension, "Russia army did not mog " . But the tight situation all round Wu Kelan army alleviates, conflict decreases. He hopes to did not find situation of the Mi Ya in the gram beside conference table settle way.

    Shaoyigu says Russia defense minister 5 days, russia army is done not have in Kelimiya. Lafuluofu also said that day, wear without the Mi Yazheng in gram of mark military uniform, beefeater the personnel of government office mechanism is not Russia soldier, overcome Limiya however self-defensive organization of the dweller, do not accept Russia to just dictate. He emphasizes, russia just will use up all likelihoods to prevent to bleed incident, "The scheme that stops life of citizen of Russia of churchyard of harm Wu Kelan and health " .

    Reporter of Xinhua News Agency is in 5 days be located in Kelimiyasaiwasituoboer the Wu Kelan of harbor is naval near headquarters, the road that leads to headquarters already was blocked, headquarters gate has much name to hold a gun commando guards.

    □ observation

    Why does Russian predestined relationship dare to cry board the west

    Above all, peninsula of the Mi Ya in the gram the dweller of 2/3 above is Russian clansman, autonomic republic government and parliament all are mastered by close Russia force, the most garrison on the island has made a pledge to be faithful to authorities of the Mi Ya in the gram, because of this Russia black two army in the possibility that openly conflict erupts on the island not quite, condition is in Russia palm completely to accuse in.

    Next, russia is not fear of the diplomatic punish that does not have substantial meaning. Boycott 8 countries in the light of the country such as the United States group peak is met, general Beijing says, russia still engraves in preparatory all alone group peak meets 8 co

    untries, "If they do not think,need not come " . Because Russia is Europe,multilateral main the sources of energy supplies a country, economic punish does not have benefit to both sides. Besides, in last few years perch of price of the sources of energy wanders, russia already save money became enough cry board capital.

    Thirdly, force of Russia military affairs is powerful, its predicting west is innocently on Wu Kelan problem confront the tough with toughness. Russia and Gelujiya erupted 2008 after the military affairs conflicts, ladder of abstruse a place of strategic importance and Abuhaci declare independence south and western at the end of one's wits, it is a precedent. (integrated Xinhua News Agency)

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Korea is intense Long Hai of Cui of culture of control Japan pornography by because depose sees Han play

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    Wu Kelan's acting president signs command black army to enter prepare for war condition

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    Inquisition by torture of bureau of the affection in the United States reports or cause revengeful Yan Jiajie to be prevented fully fear raiding

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    According to BBC Beijing time on January 10 1 when make a news, israel hospital announ

    ces 9 days, in past number hour, ex-premier
    salon illness worsens further, already was in " exceeding and critical " , family always is accompanying the left and right sides. Message of broadcasting station of army of Afp cite Israel, salon is likely a remnant " a few days even a few hours " . Salon is apoplectic on January 4, 2006, insensible already 8 years, the illness after the operation worsened suddenly on January 1 this year, the organ such as the kidney begins exhaustion.

    Recommend read:

    Israel ex-premier salon is immersed in insensible already 8 years the illness already worsened [graph]

    The doctor of Israel ex-premier responds to: Salon truly already at death's door

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    The United States the coast invades an amount to amount to on the west by jellyfish of a large number of sail of secret live thing a few (graph)

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Aobama condemns Ferguson violent incident: Is arson destroyed endanger: of people safety origin? ?2014-11-26 09:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the controversy that the appeal has concerned a topic for discussion through peaceful method and reform, prosecute the person that commits afore-mentioned crime really.

    In report will occupy new network on November 26 central company report, after American Missouri big jury decides not to sue shoot dead to be not the white man police of descendants adolescent, ferguson city erupts a chain of violent incident. American president Aobama expresses 25 days to condemn to violent incident local time, the appeal undertakes concerned the controversy of the topic for discussion and reform through peaceful method.

    Aobama expresses in Chicago: Burn building, right car arson, destroy property, endanger people security, do not have excuse. He also appeals, prosecute the anyone that commits afore-mentioned crime really.

    Data chart: Local time on October 13, american Missouri, demonstrate person advance to st. louis city Ferguson presses down police station, requirement police admits its guilt.

    He says: This is criminality, but the minority that also agree to thinking law was

    not obtained and carries out fairly a group of things with common features group express to sympathize with.

    Because appeal of abstruse Ba Ma nots of disturbed and indignantdisturbed and indignant of case dark incident each, through peace the action manages innovation, say this case revealed American problem.

    Aobama appeals American people, participate in about racial tension and the constructive controversy that execute the law. He says: The fact that does not dispute is, destroy

    behavior to cannot be achieved great and good outcome.

    Aobama says: I never had looked, be burned because of a car and law of ecbolic civil rights, cure protects act to or is immigration laws case.

    He says: People can manage afore-mentioned affair through polling, because arouse and be organized for people,legislation is finished is, because be people what to examine is the optimal method that solves a problem,be.

    Before this, missouri court big jury announces 24 days local time, the Wilson of white man police officer that Ferguson presses down youth of shoot dead black to stride Keerbulang by exemption from prosecution. Aobama publishs an address at this point that evening, appeal the people accepts the decision of big jury, hope local people peace protests, do not want resort force.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Iranian nation TV station reports 24 days, the Iran of case of scandal of bank of a huge sum of be involved in · of Er of rice of A of millions upon millions plute Mansuer Huosilawei already was executed.

    Report, after Iranian supreme court announces to maintain death sentence, authorities is opposite with Yi Wen jail of north in Teheran Huosilawei is executed.

    This bank scandal case

    is worth 2.6 billion dollar, experience case personnel amounts to 32 people, it is Iran since 1979 the biggest corrupt case.

    This case 2011 case hair, presidential Mahamaode Aihamaidi holds the post of when - Neigude will appeal a judicial department to punish severely

    experience case personnel in September. Hearsay says at that time, aisifandiyaer Laximu of presidential office director holds the post of when · Ma Sha Yi. Dan Ai Ha Maidi - Neigude denies a government curule experience case.

    Iranian parliament establishs special committee to be in charge of investigating bilk case fact that month, horse of president of Iranian countryman bank breaths out Mao De - ceremony Sa · is forced to resign subsequently in haing tile.

    This case opened careful in September 2012. Just accuse according to check, the person such as Huosilawei falsifies a document, from diddle of bank of Iranian much home 2.6 billion dollar borrows money, in Iran executive enterprise is changed demesne buy in the process include large and state-owned company inside enterprise. Outside dividing Huosilawei, this case still has 3 the accused to face death sentence. (special telegram of Xinhua News Agency)

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    Log onto biology of the ocean before registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 400 million years to be like closestool to brush a scientist to rebuild with 3D technology (graph) origin: ? Heir Lian?2014-01-25 17:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Marine biology is like closestool to brush 400 million years ago

    According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears cloud website news, foreign scientist rebuilt with 3D science and technology a kind of marine biology 425 million years ago. It is not worth 2.4 centimeter to grow, having a round head but without the eye, with a similar tongue " whippy " extend from inside the mouth, take miniature ocean live thing. The extreme of its body has a chela, the likelihood is the weapon that regards defence as the enemy.

    This kind those who eradicate

    is arthropod be called " Enalikteraphson " , it does not have incrustation, however by saved in good conditionly after mineral wrap up come down, protect this kind of flimsy biology to avoid like one stature palace at decay. After researcher uses X optical technology to undertake a series of analysises, rebuild 3D number example.

    Dr. Deruike expresses Oxford, "Its 3D model resembles a bit it seems that a petty closestool is brushed or christmas tree. The times that this kind of strange creature survives is so distant, england still is located in equator at that time with south, namely now the position of Caribbean archipelago, warm and the temperature over there

    is broiling. Warm and the temperature over there is broiling..

    Arthropod be diversification of a height in the invertebrate is familial, include key link of form of the insect, spider and test program. They hold the of 90% species proportion in whole animal kingdom. "Enalikteraphson " the period of existence antedates any foregone arthropod.

    De Ruike says, "So soft and its body is agile, can survive come down to make a person fab. We can have shown the most detailed detail, for example the appearance that it is in 425 million years to be moved in marine middle reaches before. For example the appearance that it is in 425 million years to be moved in marine middle reaches before..

    "Although it is a kind arthropod, resemble a worm a bit it seems that. You can very clear see it add implement, and extend from inside the mouth " whippy " , de Ruike plants this biology described as " the gem on paleontology crown " , "It adds much information for fossil record, and study for us the ocean environment at that time offerred a kind of rare opportunity. And study for us the ocean environment at that time offerred a kind of rare opportunity..

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Login register beautiful intermediary of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to disclose " base " does constituent company operation buy half dollar cake to also must apply for reimbursement origin: ? Qu Xian?2013-12-29 13:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    The net austral Fujian dispatch will report 28 days according to beautiful intermediary on December 29, arrive from the cake of half dollar the fuel of thousands of dollar, arrive from soap, macaroni expenses of weapon ammo, personnel, "Base " the organization makes rigid Zhang Wu system. Information personnel and analysts say before, from found a person the times begins Wusama Ben Ladan, "Base " the high level tries mode of imitated company operation runs organization of this one extreme.

    Ben Ladan (the

    data pursues)

    Purchase one person to ask valence one person is recorded in couples

    Mohammed · Ji Teya connects cloth graph city in the north in the horse a grocery store opened in a market. He is recollected, a day, a suspension " base " the motorcade that organizes black banner stops before inn door, one build eye gets off, push the door and enter, the requirement buys one canister mustard. Ji Teya had not answered a god to come, come again of the other side, buy mustard, drive the receipt of a piece of 1.6 dollars at the same time. This head is " base " North Africa branch " base organizes Mohammedan Magelibu " " southern headquarters commander " Nabile Kama, he became Jiteya's frequenter. , the receipt that he asks Jiteya prepares to print this, so that open,look like normal receipt.

    "Base " the member shops the practice that asks for receipt leaves deep impression to Jiteya. Normal fairground is not in what tell cloth plan, pedlar people say, "Base " personnel comes round to purchase in couples normally, one individual argy-bargy, another records the price on the notebook. Yibolaxin Jiteya of businessman of medicines and chemical reagents says, "They need to apply for reimbursement to superior " .

    Items of an account is meticulous small arrive greatly to bulb bullet

    "Base " file of items of an account shows, shop receipt, charge to an account is common practice in this one organization. Beautifu

    l intermediary reports 28 days, in the graph that connect cloth once by " base " the discovery in held building exceeds 100 pieces of receipt, show " base " personnel charge to an account is meticulous, buy a bulb to also want enter an item in an account repeatedly.

    "Base " personnel sticks in the reverse side of waste paper, envelope, advantage and other the charge to an account on the paper that can write: The broom of a the puissant glue of a bottle of the macaroni of a packet of the soap of a the cake of a 0.6 dollars, 1.8 dollars, 8 dollars, 14 dollars, 3 dollars.

    In of all kinds receipt, 27 pieces are the flesh kind receipt, 13 pieces are tomato receipt, 11 pieces are milk powder, 11 pieces are cooked wheaten food, 7 pieces are onion, have tea, candy, honey additionally. "No matter how the thing is ordinary, they want receipt. " Ji Teya of · of drug-store boss Mohammed is recollected.

    Zhang sheet includes big pay likewise, to the 5400 dollars that a head advances and defray for instance 330 dollars in order to buys 3300 hair bullet.

    Sheet of a few Zhang is print, the article of the record often as identical as handwritten Zhang sheet, the likelihood is apply for reimbursement to superior uses formal Zhang is odd.

    On one page reads related indication full text of 12 one page: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Boat of mediterranean happening refugee is sunken accident victim number or overtake 500 people

    2022年01月18日 03:47 全国凤凰楼信息网
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    Whether is this page list page or home page? Di

    d not find appropri
    ate text content.

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    Xinhua net is Mohammedan fort Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs will say report 12 days on October 12, cling to premier state security and A Qici of external affairs adviser sent letter U.N. secretary-general that day Panjiwen, condemnation India makes conflict send a large number of civilian casualties in area of two countries border.

    Say in the letter, from this month 1 day arrives 10 days, imprint just had started the operation that violates cease-fire agreement 42 times in all in border area, cause cling to square 52 12 civilian death, civilian and 9 Mingshi troops are wounded. Stem from self-defensive consideration, cling to square square to imprinting provoke behavior to give fight back, main

    tained utmost at the same time exercise restraint.

    A Qici says, cling to governmental sincerity hopes Yin Fangshen weighs a consideration, avoid condition out of control. Cling to just solve to peace cling to imprint the acceptance of the problem keeps changeless. Pakistan believes U.N. can be in facilitate main effect is produced in this one target.

    Past a week is much, imprint cling to two countries is in Kashmir border land mutual bombard. Both sides criticises the other side destroyed cease-fire agreement each other. Imprint just say bombard causes 7 to imprint at least civilian death, 60 much people are injured.

    After cent treated India and Pakistan 1947, two countries heretofo

    re already erupted 3 times war, it is two to contend for Kashmir area among them. 2003, imprint cling to two countries government is taken in the actual control line of Kashmir area reach cease-fire agreement, but after this both sides criticises the other side violates cease-fire agreement for many times.

    (Original title: Pakistan sends letter U.N. to condemn India to create border land conflict)

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    Login register Jin Zhengen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian first is absent court supreme didn't condition of health of peop

    le conference doubt show his face many days 20 origin: ? ?2014-09-26 08:1 of huge rock of dazzle blade contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Huang Bing oath is elected for vice-chairman of national defence committee, become delicacy of this in one day to provide real power orgnaization most " 2 handle " .

    Jin Zhengen first absent is discussed toward top person witenagemot, many days 20 did not appear, doubt health condition gives an issue.

    Korea will hold witenagemot of the 13rd top person to view the meeting the 2nd times on September 25, oath of Huang Bing of director of people army total politics is elected for vice-chairman of national defence committee, replace Cui Long Hai, become delicacy of this in one day to provide the 2 handle of real power orgnaization most. Top leader Jin Zhengen did not attend Korea the conference, but the occurrences in human life that the conference makes is adjusted all out his offer.

    Jin Zhengen first absent discusses doubt health condition many days 20 to did not appear toward top person witenagemot data chart

    National defence appoint influence shuffles

    The conference in smooth soil hall of discuss official business of station of 10 thousand birthday was held that day. Offer according to Jin Zhengen, the conference elects Huang Bing oath to be vice-chairman of national defence committee, li Bingzhe of commander of air force of Xuan Yongzhe of minister of people armed strength, people army is committee member of national defence committee.

    The conference decides at the same time, because the post is brought into play, discharge the duty of vice-chairman of national defence committee of Cui Long Hai, discharge the duty of committee member of national defence committee of Zhang Zhengnan of minister of forefathers civilian armed strength.

    Cui Long Haiceng is Korea army people army total the Political Bureau grows 2 number people, in the 13rd conference of first time of top people conference will be duped this year in April choose vice-chairman of national defence committee, but be replaced by Huang Bing oath namely at the beginning of May official post in the army, turn a secretary of Korea labor the Party Central Committee, chairman of committee of national sports guidance is held part-time after. According to Korea government TV station in June the report of the last ten-day of a month, xuan Yongzhe replaces Zhang Zhengnan to take up the post of the minister of people armed strength that is equivalent to a defense minister.

    Combine the view of news agency according to Korea, the Huang Bing oath that is 64 years old replaces two important post that Cui Long Hai holds the position of continuously, proving its is the core character of system of Jin Zhengen's guidance undoubtedly.

    Those who serve as Jin Zhengen is main follow in person, huang Bing oath go up at top speed this year, the undersecretary that will organize a branch from labor partisans thing in March rises for the first undersecretary, and be elected as acting assemblyman of top people conference first; In April the middle ten days of a month, he wears a military uniform to attend public activity, adorn epaulet of 4 stars general, be maintained by Korea media already rising general; With lunar base, korea media reports, council of war of labor the Party Central Committee and national defence committee carry relevant decision, award Huang Bing oath second Shuai Jun is held.

    Conference of Jin Zhengen absent

    The picture that Korea nation TV station broadcasts shows, jin Zhengen did not attend the meeting, his seat is empty. Jin Zhengen is in office near 3 ye

    ars to attended plenary session of top people meeting 4 times, this is him first absent.

    Regard Korea as top authority gear, top person witenagemot views every 5 years of votes acting assemblyman, hold a plenary session every year, can hold the meeting the 2nd times when necessary. This year in April, conference of the 13rd top people holds first time meeting, jin Zhengen is attended and be elected as national defence committee again the first chairman.

    From this month day and 3 wife plum snow advocate since watching peony peak philharmonic society to make a concert newly in smooth soil together, jin Zhengen already had 20 many days to did not appear in open circumstance. And body of Korea labor party signs up for " labor news " report 23 days, jin Zhengen still holds to dog days forced arch below torrid weather. Add Korea TV station to broadcast before a few pictures that when Jin Zhengen inspects, walk, these circumstances cause Korea media to guess.

    Nevertheless, korea unites an one renown official to accept Korea " Korea daily " when interviewing, mention, jin Zhengen was mixed 2012 respectively 23 days did not appear publicly with 17 days 2013. A few analysts think, disappear in Korea media coverage to Jin Zhengen, need not excessive unscramble.

    Korea network journal " daily Korea " Kelisigelin points out Korea problem expert, former Korea is highest day of leader Jin Zheng also is not attend top people meeting, and, top people conference is not the decision-making orgnaization with true Korea.

    12 years obligation is taught

    Additional, the 2nd times the conference passed top people conference to make compulsory education 12 general years about be being carried out in the round that day, raise the resolution that teachs quality considerably.

    Piao Fengzhu of Korea cabinet prime minister made the working report that makes compulsory education 12 years about carrying out on the conference. He says, teach the task that the branch faces to include: Should expand further and strengthen pedagogic team, raise pedagogic level greatly, enhance their action; Do high school of technology of good run an enterprise the preparatory job of category of school of this one new learning; Drive secondary education actively to develop to higher administrative levels; Consolidate the research force that teachs scientific research mechanism, aggrandizement its responsibility and action.

    Witenagemot of the 12nd top person discusses the Korea that held in September 2012 the 6th times the conference issues a decree, begin to carry out 12 years to make compulsory education.

    Read related: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Japan is close 2012 80 thousand undergraduates leave school economic atmosphere of two cause of formation is short of money

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    In new network Manila on September 14 report (reporter Zhang Ming) Philippine roll outfit ferry 13 days evening is in the maritime space of province of Na Lai spy with mid humble is sunken, na Lai saves governor Mokaduo 14 days to disclose in the morning especially, at present already 144 people are rescued, additionally two people die.

    Phenanthrene country decreases calamity ever alleged external before committee is early, this the name is what Ma Hali blocks 2 to ro

    ll outfit ferry 13 days evening 7 when harbor leaves for the Lipada that Su Li of Congfei south of 30 minutes of or so sailing saves high Na Lai, 58 passengers and 26 crews carry on the boat, storm of the experience in road produces mechanical failure, hull tilts, the sailor issues signal of ask for help subsequently, the personnel on the boat is in that evening 9 when abandon ship 20 minutes or so flee for one's life.

    Nevertheless, na Lai saves governor Mokaduo 14 days to pass gregarious website account to release information to say in the morning especially, up to 14 days in the morning 7 when 5 minutes 0, 144 people are rescued, the rescuer already salvaged two victim remains.

    Baliluo of commander of Philippine coast posse emphasizes 14 days in Manila, preliminary information shows, wreck ferry is not overweighted at that time, but the actual number on the boat and the manifest that register are put in bigge

    r discrepancy, the company that coastal posse can belong to to ferry place at this point launchs investigation.

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    American poor National People's Congress adds the population of 1/5 to rely on food certificate to live

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