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更新时间:2022年01月18日 04:26

广州水磨SPA水疗JFGBody of south Africa mortuary revives the shriek is frightened suddenly run encoffin cadaver member


 The hacker is organized " anonym " the spokesman is arrested to be accused 18 years old only 5 blames

 Flower thief housebreaking is blocked house of window aperture ask for help advocate

Occupy Australian news group to reported recently, to command the overseas investor influence to Australian house price, bay will build foreigner building to trade federally database, use a circumstance to undertake be examininged regularly to the water and electricity of these buildings, in order to examine this building is empty buy.

Report the word of Ao Dehuai Er says secretary of department of treasury of cite bay federal, after the foreigner buys a house, living is unfair action, be in in foreigner of exert oneself blow federally bay buy room deed illegally.

Report, ao Dehuai Er ever organized congress to investigate, criticise the foreign country invests juror to be able to exist execute the law lax circumstance. Ao Dehuai Er returns a suggestion, levy of the person that the government may buy a house to the foreign country further.

It is reported, australian government offers to impose minimum to the foreigner 5000 bay yuan (add up to 3822 dollars about) fee of the application that buy a house, use this capital to build database of a whole nation, the building that will superintend blame homeland countryman trades circ


The near future, house of Australian house price does not fall high, sydney house price rises apparent, house price median has been approached 700 thousand

bay yuan (add up to) of 535 thousand dollar about.

 Jail of type of 12 advanced hotels uncovers the whole world good nobody stays in secret Sweden condition


[the United States " new York Times " the website will report on Feburary 9] problem: Although the relation is cool, but Chinese cultural relic will from Norwegian homecoming

The agreement that according to Norway a museum and businessman of a China reach, before a many century by what settle in China at that time before stone column of bright garden Dali decides 7 circles that Norwegian cavalry officer buys this year autumn puts in native place 's charge again.

These stone column are the one part of the 2500 China artwork that museum of KODE of low Er root collects. Tibet tastes the Chinese art of this museum is Yaohanweiliannuoermanmengte came 1907 of the alms between 1935.

According to the consultative provision that will reach last year in December, huang Nubo of business of Chinese estate development will contribute Ke Lang of 10 million Norway to this Norwegian museum (add up to) of 1.6 million dollar about.

Huang Nubo's famousest outside Chinese condition achievement perhaps is to ever tried to be in field of golf of the Icelandic build that buy the land.

As redound, these stone column will be remanded in September this year China, the alma mater Beijing University that is put in Huang Nubo exhibits. Beijing University still built project of collaboration of a learning with this museum.

Art of Ceng Ren KODE is museum curator, current it is Denmark the Ellen of curator of museum of art of ARoS of abstruse Hu Si Teng says Deheyesi, huang Nubo's contribution will be KODE museum reparative Tibet of its China art tastes the budgetary capital that exhibits a plan to supply an

in part.

According to Heyesi Teng says, KODE museum is how managing the Chinese art Tibet inside the house to taste what this one decision just makes after spreading out endless discussion. KODE museum is the Chinese cultural relic with European the largest scale collects one of houses. Burgalry caused a steel that produced in January 2013 to play havoc with, burglar tastes area spirit away from Tibet of Chinese cultural relic at that time many 20 cultural relic. This is this house China is collected article be stolen the 2nd times in what encounter in recent years, brought about. Of the exhibition shut.

In female Huang Nubo of investment group president says through email, he learns the Chinese cultural relic of this museum exhibits an area need is reparative, and the circle comes from in be being tasted to its Tibet the post of bright garden is very interested. Last year after with Heyesi Teng meets on culture activity, he agrees to aid financially museum.

Although cheat special name to be in Norwegian, be in even root of his Er of home town low unknown to public, but the alms that the Chinese cultural relic that KODE artistic museum collects comes from him for the most part. Unconscious outstanding body thes ranks, it is the officer of a cavalry of Norwegian army at first, he goes to China before 1886, hold post at Chinese custom. In Sino-Japanese the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 he is in just fight, be appointed to be by the Yuan Shikai that becomes president of the fi

rst to be appointed to an office of China the Republic of China later deputy all.

Meng Techeng is China statuary, crockery and include those 7 stone column inside the person be collected enthusiasticly of other cultural relic. Do not be clear that how he obtains these cultural relic.



Will report on November 21 according to Japanese TV station, near future of town of Ni Qi of county of Japanese arms library produces factitious arson event many cases, those who make a person accident is, arson person it is 3 female junior high school are born actually. As we have learned, these 3 schoolgirls reach attaint public property because of be suspected of setting fire intentionally, among them the 2 3 schoolgirls at the begi

nning of the name already were arrested, the additionally one one schoolgirl at the beginning of the name is arranged to head for children referral center to accept psychotherapy.

Disclose according to police of arms library county, in September 2012, these 3 girls ever brought berth of igneous burn down to be in with lighter the bicycle of roadside. In addition, the placard of the paste before 3 people return burn down to be in school gate of school etc middle school too. To committing the crime motive, 3 schoolgirls after the event says when accepting investigation: "See fire engine comes and cause so great sensation, we feel special excitement. We feel special excitement..

(Original title: Day arson of street of schoolgirl of 3 junior high school is arrested because like to see fire engine,say)

Recommend read: Confuse you fire engine bud turns over a netizen to return can rush to save life and property 7 buildings fire (g


Company of Japanese Tokyo power decides 18 days, permanent shut blessing island the first nuclear power plant is last two nuclear reactor.

Japanese joint news agency reports, report decides to discard as useless east date and 6 5 nuclear reactor, but do not demolish, leave research to demolish other the way of 4 nuclear reactor.

Japanese premier An Beijin 3 inspect toward blessing island before September, directive east fulgurite manage personnel discards as useless date and 6 5 reactor, requirement east electric next year will solve sewage leak problem before the bottom in March. Report decides 1 to discard as useless before east to 4 reactor.

Blessing island people appeals east electric company dismantles two nuclear power plant of local completely, nevertheless company of power of this home appliance still does not have a decision to whether demolish another to bu
ild the power station that has 4 nuclear reactor.

Japanese northeast maritime space produced 9 class earthquake on March 11, 2011 and spark seismic sea wave, blessing island leak of radiation of the first nuclear power plant, 1 is damaged badly to 4 reactor, date and 6 5 reactor are in overhaul condition, successful refrigeration was not damaged.

Recommend read: Sewage of radioactivity of blessing island nuclear power plant again leak

Blessing island nuclear power plant stores up condition of leap of radioactivity sewage quantity is very critical

Korea most probably peninsula dweller is afraid of because Japanese radiate impact is big,have a fish


Will report on May 21 according to British Reuter, news big alligator Lubaitemoduoke is subordinate " world news bulletin " Li Bei of editor in chief Kabulukesi signs up

for because of this at 20 days. The court says and prove without evidence Brooks is witting " news signs up for " the behavior of illegal eavesdrop.

According to the report, brooks is held the position of in its by accusation " world news signs up for " during the editor in chief indulgent the action that this newspaper reports eavesdrop of law o

f and rather than solely to get. Lukesi denies cloth to be opposite during holding the position of an editor in chief know the inside story of this kind of behavior, also deny accredit bribery police to be investigated in order to prevent a case at the same time.

20 days, fatigue of Jonathan Lai heart represents Brooks' counsel for the defence Bulukesihui loses a lawsuit, because acerb and the press of the case is unfair, figure secondhand and the conclusion that says place of all counterproposal affection gets comes, and in last few years British politician and judicatory orgnaization also are being hit all the time press the press that is contrary to with governmental argument photograph.

Li Bei of 45 years old blocks Brooks to ever held the position of silent to overcome the presiding apparitor of group of the news below the banner more, and at 2000 to hold the position of during 2003 " world news signs up for " the editor in chief resigned 2011. As a result of its partner silent is overcome more and other tall Guan Yuying country relationships of a certain number of main political party are close, because the eavesdrop scandal these 3 years ago makes,whole England political field was immersed in predicament.

 广州水磨SPA水疗JFGWu Kelan the eastpart part two cities are provisional one week later fair cast a decision to whether join Russia


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