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According to Japan " produce classics news " 8 days of reports, the plan of the Chinese that province of Japanese law Wu plans to center repatriate to stop illegally this year originally has paused, the reason is " the mood between the countryman in avoiding to stimulate, increase point burning fire for this intense meridian concern " .


According to the report, japan plans to center repatriate to stop illegally this year formerly the number is most Chinese, Philippine. July, japan already used charter flight compulsive repatriate 75 Philippine. Disclose according to message pers

onage, because Diaoyu Island and air defence identify area problem, meridian relation is exasperate, concern thinks compulsive repatriate Chinese will be more right now exasperate two countries feeling, because this shelves a plan " made politics judge " , decide sent in advance returns the illegal stayer of other citizenship.

Japanese NHK TV station says 8 days, on December 8, 50 Thai take charter flight to be centered repatriate. The foreigner that stays in Japan illegally at present makes an appointment with 62 thousand person, be commanded what go back to the motherland compulsively to make an appointment with 3000 people among them, center repatriate to act to be thought to provide efficiency more.

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Whether is this

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General Beijing appoints Kelimiya to show premier A to overcome the husband that be like Nuo to be this area temporarily commissioner... [阅读全文] 栏目:0769东莞蒲友网


Login register disturbance of London of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to spread to England is much ground premier urgent go back to the motherland answer origin: ? ?2011-08-10 07:0 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border2 Http://www.mnw.cn/

On August 8, london admire blocks Mu area, store of a clothing by loot.

In report will occupy new network on August 9 report of dispatches from foreign news agency, the large-scale disturbance that London erupts 6 days late has spread to 9 days other 3 main cities. This is to go up British place produces the century since 80 time the most serious rambunctious incident.

London enters the 3rd rambunctious night 8 days, a few buildings, car and rubbish dump by arson, the shop suffers foray. Thug to police cast bottle and fireworks. Because worry about force and loot, many shops of London whole town close early Xie Ke.

Tens of people atttack the Birmingham that is located in London north the shop of this city main shopping centre. Be in Liverpudlian with Bulisituoer and other places, thug and polic

e erupt conflict. Birmingham police confirms, the shop of downtown suffers loot, police has arrested 35 people. Bulisituoeryao has 150 thug wantonly foray, police urges a dweller not to enter downtown.

A Philip of 28 years old of youths that calls an anarchist oneself says: "This is working-class uprise. We want reapportion money. " he says, people is right the distrust of police, it is the important activator that causes disturbance.

Police says 9 days, at least 5 ground nod London erupt new round of violent incident. A lot of community can see thug is wanton destroy business street establishment or rush into a building. London police commander Jones (Christine Jones) confirms, already 239 people are arrested, because 45 people atttack a blame to be sued.

London police representative is magisterial Gedewen (Tim Godwin) expresses, to deal with disturbance, police is added in London whole town sent 1700 polices.

Squirt of high pressure of deploy of police of requirement of a few dwellers breaks up thug, or requirement army is assisted. Killed an incident of 29 years old of men to cause this disturbance according to believing the police of 4 day happening to shoot. British premier blocks Mei Lun to interrupt the vacation in Italy, go back to the motherland ahead of schedule processing London is rambunctious.

8 days of evening already entered London comprehensive alarm condition

London city already entered comprehensive alarm state in 8 days of evening, police is in rambunctious area deploy police of many explosion proof. Premier defends Cameron and London mayor Boris to writing brush abdicate ends ahead of schedule about greatly off return London to handle violent incident.

According to this media coverage, the Ha Keni area of Olympic Games place is neared in London the eastpart part 8 days afternoon, a flock of unconscious face youths ignite ash-bin on the ave, mix to constabulary cast bottle a few youths of brick; hold bludgeon to smash shopwindow glass, launch attack to the police. The area is entered in Ke Luoyi, include store of a furniture inside a few buildings meet with arson, spot smother billow. In the southeast of London the clique of the ministry captures Chinese Mu area, a few shops, and include bus of a double deck inside many car is burned. The area is controlled in Wo Erwei, hundreds youth undertakes dacoity on main business street. Area of and other places of Liu Yi Si She Mu also produces a car to be burned incident.

Also end ahead of schedule 8 days morning off the interior minister that returns London is special Li Shamei, interviewed Godwin of Mu of the base of a fruit of commissioner of representative of London police station that day. She denounces the rambunctious action that produced recently is " absolutely criminality " , ask these people accept punish. Buddhist nun of deputy prime minister overcomes Kraig 8 days to head for Tuotenamu afternoon state of area postmortem damage, he says tempestuous meeting stays to local community " tremendous scar " , he emphasizes a government should all-around participate in community rebuild.

British media says, the person that participate in disturbance passes mobile phone and network tool " push special " mutual connection, make police controls his hard next behavior. Current, british society all circles, include police chief, politician and social cacique to borrow violent disturbance to undertake to the purpose " the behavior that opportunism commits a crime " express to be condemned strongly.

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n_ctt: The children since domestic head rides by the 2017-09-15 that shares case of claim for compensation of bicycle death tort to the Party Central Committee that sessional now 2017-09-15 is core with Comrade Xi Jinping leads and drive fact of Jiang Junxing military discipline weather forecast of the observatory central: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change to have go to Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of rainstorm 2017-09-18 news greatly Xiamen

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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According to American media coverage, syria city Su Da district will produce Holmes one case on July 23 passenger train derails accident, cau

se a driver to die
on the spot, additionally 16 passengers get hurt. Authorities alludes this to have an accident is terroristic behavior, with domestic protest demonstrate is concerned, nevertheless this kind of view suffers opposition deny.

According to the report, this leaves for Holmes from capital Damascus the passenger train of city is in Holmes city makes an appointment with area of 5 kilometers other place to derail. 485 people hold on the train when accident happening.

City mayor calls Holmes this accident is " terroristic with crime " behavior, the people that points out this thing professes to hold hold a demonstration to those was communicated " clear message " .

But his this one view censures by opposition. Opposition public figure says, authorities is to using this accident to call the peaceful demonstrate activity that controls people to democracy is reformed and undertake to be.

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