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Log onto the death a

fter be after registering man of new York of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to quarrel with cummer grandfather, being stabbed to send medical service (graph) origin: ? ?2015-04-13 16:4 of huge rock of discharge  contraction5 Http://www.mnw.cn/

In report will occupy new network on April 13 outside intermediary report, american police says, a man of 21 years old is in 12 days at Lu Kelin of new York cloth this month in apartment, be stabbed to death after the grandfather that is the same as cummer quarrels. Current, police is investigating this one case.

According to the report, 12 days of before dawn drove police to a Yubushenweike 2:15 local time (in this apartment of Bushwick) , discover the dead's Kevin Lifula (Kevin Rivera) bosom is stabbed, and the abode that this ground just is its cummer. He is sent toward the hospital to accept cure later, fail to come down alive however.

The graph is be murdered man of 21 years old.

Current, american police is searching for Lifula the grandfather of cummer, Diyaci of 81 years old (Nicholas Diaz) . Police thinks, be Diyaci atttacked that youngster.

Disclose according to an insider, lifula and cummer have year only daughter of a year old. Lifula's cummer reported to police this incident. The neighbour that then the name does not wish to publish a name says, the woman says is her grandfather stabs him.

It is reported, the dead's family and friend are the candle since victim dot in the spot, distress to Lifula's death unceasingly, their hope police can as soon as possible bottom.

(Original title: With cummer grandfather of 8 a period of ten days quarrels new York 21 years old of men are miserable be stabbed to death (graph) )

Responsibility edits: Read related Wu Defei: Xie Na is how help Yang Di " man desert club " Yang Di is thankful one man of Beijing of 2017-09-27 of Xie Na guide and support installs pinhole to photograph in thematic hotel room like the head the 2017-0
9-26 that be detained by criminal fines jade Hai Yinan child drunken violate the rules and regulations is defied execute the law minatory policeman

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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The net austral Fujian dispatch Boule is chairman of Committee on Information, republic on November 5 Roger of partisans Michael · this on the TV program 3 days the suggestion says, he does not believe Aobama or European leader feels to the content that Sinuodeng discloses astonish. "I think, award of a little optimal this year actor gives confessional palace, and optimal costar award will come from an European Union. " he says, "Some ideas, for instance some people are to pay no attention to solution merely why we collect information to protect the United States, this is wrong. This is wrong..

"Close ally is tightened in those relations, transcribe their personal telephone, political liability is bigger than potential information faculty. " Roger this say. Sea of · of Er of Michael of director of the CIA before director of American state security bureau is mixed before is ascended say, the phone that Aobama does not know to silent overcomes Er likely by recording, but top class assistant of Aobama " impossible " not know the inside story.


read: Indonesian organization to Austra
lia more than 100 websites initiate a network to atttack protest to monitor

Sinuodeng requests the United States good-tempered absolve the White House to respond to refus to close to its go back to the motherland

Harbor intermediary analyses: Be being monitored each other between the country is an open secret

Network of deploy of the White House " water army " it is Aobama technically " rescue sb from a siege "

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Iranian parliament discusses long Ali Laliguni 24 days to publish an address, point to identify Israel and American information orgnaization 23 days assassinate Iran a physicist. This physicist name is Yi of Sa of Darius · ceremony, big A Er amounts to Iranian northwest to b

e taught than strapping university physics, 23 days meet with in mouth of capital Teheran door shoot dead. Do violence person ride a motorcycle, xiang Lisa Yi shoots.

Iranian media cite pulls Liguni's word to report: "The United States and Israel adopt horrible technique, academia of division of assassinate our country an elite, it is the United States exceeding another example that is hostile to Iran. " according to the report, ceremony Sa Yi is scientist of a nucleus. Iranian government did not make a response. Iran installs all door to already launched investigation with respect to this assassinate incident, have not arrest any suspects.

This month 16 days, official of the CIA before the United States explodes makings, israel is likely before this year September hand in hand nuclear installation of Ira
n of American air attack. (new China) responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海贵人千花网


Korea " 2 characters " Cui Long Hai is demoted to fall from standing member of the Political Bureau to the committee member... [阅读全文] 栏目:东莞名花录


American woman does not have window of the face that earth up a root to shoot to be sentenced to imprison because of snack inn hamburger... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗


Flower the man gives birth to 15 children to be weighed with 13 cummer " responsible least of all father "... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州新茶 快餐


Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Indonesian stop to search for inferior does victim of boat wreck plane still have 56 passengers to be missing origin: ? ?2015-03-18 11:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] search group is searched in all obtain 106 inferior remains of victim of QZ8501 of boat wreck flight, still 56 people miss.

In report will occupy new network on March 18 outside intermediary report, indonesian country rescues a branch to express, had ended all is in at 17 days of evening Java sea is searched inferior the action of victim of QZ8501 of boat wreck flight. Search group to this day is searched in all obtain 106 victim remains, still 56 people miss.

Data chart: Local time on March 2, 2015, indonesian Jakarta, indonesian crash inferior boat 8501 flights debris. The intermediary outside occupying reports, indonesian official says 28 days, indonesian had salvaged inferior the last part of debris of airframe of chunk of QZ8501 of boat wreck plane.

Official of the Indonesian department that rescue confirms, had ended all search operations in Java sea at 17 days of evening, 4 boats that rescue can return Jakarta in the morning in 18 days. A few weeks ago, the rescueing team that searchs team and Indonesian army as international is exited, the dimensions that resc

ue narrows considerably, remain folk to rescue a team to undertake limit is searched having only.

Official of the Indonesian department that rescue Supuliyadi (SB Supriyadi) expresses, heretofore had found 106 the victim's rem

ains. Rescuer last week 6 (14 days) 3 remains discovered below debris of a few planes.

Inferior boat QZ8501 flight will fly to the crash in Singapore road from Indonesian Si water in the morning on December 28 last year, 162 people are shared on machine, nobody survive.

The preliminary report that commission of safety of Indonesian country transportation published a few days ago expresses, inferior boat is in kilter before wreck plane crash, because the plane wants to avoid cloud layer, be in short climb of the quickness inside 30 seconds 5000 feet, later again straining, till fall Java sea. But the data that exact cause still remains to unscramble the two flights logger that already found.

(Original title: Indonesian stop to search for inferior victim of boat wreck plane still has 56 people to be missing)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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France develops man-made heart rate successfully 190 thousand to 244 thousand dollar... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉桑拿夜网UJ

东莞 夜生活视频在线观看

Marvellous spectacle! Lightning arranges rainbow and next hitting German contented breaths out city Boeing plane... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州桑拿信息论坛

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