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江门0750snwDuring Australia holds G20 peak to meet, leader security charge exceeds 100 million bay yuan



A few students that just are graduated from city of accept of Lai of American north Caire to establish an university invented to be able to detect the new-style fingernail of the medicine that confuse evil is oily. This fingernail oil encounters the medicine that confuse evil to be able to become angry. Besmeared the female of oil of this kind of fingernail needs to be with finger in beverage only agitate can know oneself to be stared at to go up by rapist.

This fingernail oil is called Undercover Color. 4 when design a group young boys had raised money the invest

ment of 100 thousand dollar. Have a product solely of course rudiment and a few when obtain poineering award do not mean can be in trade score a success, but the notional itself of this pr
oduct has comparatived valuable. According to China News Service

 Korea " years " sunken incident already caused date passenger liner 58 people die to still 244 people are missing

The sea net, channel Metropolis Daily dispatch Vietnam conference of first time of the 13rd congress with the ay election of 91.4% 23 days Ruan Shengxiong is Vietnam congress chairman. That day, vietnam congress returns an election to bark family name of circumfluent, clump i

s put, bullion of topaz hill, Ruan is congress vice-chairman, at the same time election the committee member of 12 congress standing committee except congress chairman, vice-chairman. Ruan Shengxiong is born in in January 1946, held the post of finance minister in November 1996, held the post of Vietnam government Vice Prime Minister in June 2006. Responsibility edits: Hdwmn

 Rich and powerful people of case of scandal of bank of Iranian a huge sum shifts 2.6 billion dollar from silver-colored bunco

Iranian nation TV station reports 24 days, the Iran of case of scandal of bank of a huge sum of be involved in · of Er of rice of A of millions upon millions plute Mansuer Huosilawei already was executed. Report, after Iranian supreme court announces to maintain death sentence, is authorities in Teheran? . . .

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Dajikesitanhuoluoge city security bureau assaults 2 people experience to be we

International is online report () of reporter Yue Wenliang: The Dajikesitandongbugeernuo that just had erupted to riot a few days ago - Ba Dahe still. 24 days of before dawn, security bureau of state of Huo Luoge city suffers armed cent. . .

2014-05-25 18:28 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Wu Kelan greets king of candy of presidential general election to become popular person selected now

On May 25, wu Kelan will receive the president before coming from after Yanukeweiji is nonofficeholding first presidential election, share 21 candidate to play enter into rivalry. The basis is newest public opinion poll shows, be called " candied king " Wukelan pineapple of millions upon millions plute. . .

2014-05-25 18:25 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Mohammedan fort produces Pakistan capital 2 cases to explode scamper assaults 1 person of 1 person death to get hurt

According to Pakistan media coverage, cling to the capital is Mohammedan 24 days of before dawn produce fort two detonate blast makes a surprise attack, cause person of 1 person death, 1 to get hurt. Report, blast of the first detonate happens in downtown the parking lot near a drugstore, from? . . .

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25 years old of women of American California are kidnapped 10 years convict treats her to be like queen

Foreign media will report on May 22, one is missing 10 years in American California, nowadays woman of 25 years old, tell police suddenly a few days ago personally now, oneself were forced to be married staking her person, and had a daughter. This year Garcia of 41 years old Tuesday (. . .

2014-05-24 15:12 origin: ? ㄍ of discharge  felt?
The United States retires from army veteran because protracted cure dies government of abstruse Ba Ma again defect accredit crisis

Recently, american Arizona city poors Ni Kesi city explodes give tens of names to retire from army veteran cause death because of protracted cure, the system of medical treatment of ministry of American veteran general affairs that causes from this manages confused scandal to ferment continuously, the government suffers Aobama to just be criticized each. 5. . .

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In a sham battle of Russian the East China Sea Han of beautiful day of ball cartridge drilling peeps now pry military situation

 23 days, the associated a sham battle that Russia holds in the East China Sea in is entered the following day, "Associated rescue is hijacked shipping " , " associated check identifies " , " associated air defence " reach " combine pair of sea do a crash job " etc drilling is ordinal spread out, i

n Russian annihilate - 10 reach. . .

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Singapore female Chinese forces to the arsenic below the husband its divorce by belongings of failure of sorting (graph)

According to Singapore " associated morning paper " report, issue arsenic to the husband, make marital to sue for divorce. The husband also is poisonned with getting a wife for, refus and she shares marital capital fund, also do not wish living cost of her a single cent or penny. Singapore high law court allocates in consider asset when. . .

2014-05-23 15:07 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Chinese mother and daughter is in Philippine doubt of the person that be committed the crime by staking is organization of horror of husband of A Busha Ye

@ Yangtse Evening Post [be kidnapped in phenanthrene south to Chinese mother and daughter] according to edition of English of @ xinhua net female businessman of book of a China reachs its daughter, was kidnapped in Philippine south last night, doubt of the person that commit the crime fastens horror of husband of A Busha Ye to organize. [2 China are fair. . .

2014-05-23 13:11 origin: ? Oily Piao of an ancient unit of weight?
Thailand " red unlined upper garment army " leader suddenly libel of bitter fleabane experience is sentenced 6 months

The sound that occupies China " center wide news " report, the intermediary outside occupying reports, thailand Court of Cassation 22 days with respect to peaceful " red unlined upper garment army " leader suddenly bitter fleabane is suspected of libel undertaking adjudging, sentence 6 months mix bitter fleabane put in prison and be in amerce of an ancient unit of weight of 50 thousand peaceful suddenly. This? . . .

2014-05-23 10:51 origin: ? ネ of discharge  Cui?
8 China citizen gets a house to intervene because of extracting golden mine is arrested by Philippine police illegally

According to " Manila times " report, because 8 China citizen is illegal exploitation gold mine, 22 days are in area of environs of Jia Dian of handkerchief of Philippine south city is arrested by Philippine police. Do 8 people hold travel visa to come to phenanthrene China be stationed in Philippine old Wu consulate general? . . .

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 江门0750snwLogin register Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " black widow " doubt 20 years a kill with poison 7 spouses in order to obtain bequest of a huge sum (graph) origin: ?  tries know well?2014-11-20 16:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] " black widow " Jian knows Zun Zi doubt to use spouse of prussiate kill with poison in order to obtain bequest of a huge sum of 800 million yen.

International is online stalk of grain only: According to England " daily Post " will report on November 19, jian of Japanese black widow knows Zun Zi (Chisako Kakehi) was arrested a few days ago, she is used by doubt prussiate is in in the past 20 old a kill with poison 7 spouses, in order to gain 800 million yen (add up to a RMB about 41.41 million yuan) bequest of a huge sum.

Jian of 67 years old of female moneybags of Japanese knows Zun Zi to be arrested at will be in Tokyo on November 19, she is suspected to use prussiate poison 7 spouses. !

Jian knows Zun Zi the photograph when March, she the death that the Ceng Jian before this calls oneself and these the spouse has nothing to do.

It is reported, the Azrael game that Jian knows Zun Zi only then 1994, at that time its when allowing the husband is in 54 years old, die suddenly. 2006, because of,through marriage interpose the 2nd husband of orgnaization introduction is in when 69 years old apoplectic demit world. 2008, jian knows the 3rd paragraph of marriage of Zun Zi to the husband dies and end with 75 years old. 2009, jian knows male friend of Zun Zi to go up because of sufferring from some kind of cancer dies. 2012, she the fiance at that time by motorcycle when produce traffic accident to be not treated die, allegedly inside its body also check gave prussiate. December 2013 portion, the Jian of the 4th husband that Jian knows Zun Zi knows merit (Isao Kakehi) in the home sudden be down with an illness, after sending a hospital, be confi

rmed to die namely, two people marry to still be less than 2 months at that time. Cadaver check discovers, jian knows merit a large number of poisonous prussiate are contained in blood. September 2013, jian knows male friend and her 75 years old of Zun Zi to be after cafeteria have dinner,
also ever sudden be down with an illness dies.

Jian of a responsible investigation knows Zun Zi the police of case of death of the 4th husband says, the killing motive that they suspect to Jian knows Zun Zi is for money. However police also says frankly, still cannot affirm gone 7 people are medium now, having a few people is be known what Zun Zimou kills by Jian. Police says: The age in view of the dead already very big, we must judge their cause of death carefully.

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