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Xinhua net Rome song poem will amoun

t to electric Italy on December 2 Sikaidinuo is in captain of harmonious name of passenger liner company 2 days admit in front courtyard careful, he directed the grand picture that when passenger liner passes Ji Liao island, wants to show off flying past 2012, the result brings about a strike a reef, cause the malign accident that 32 passengers die finally.

Sikaidinuo cares about the argue on the hearing of front courtyard careful that local court holds Daligeluosaituo to say, he lets passenger liner approach the coast as far as possible at that time is to want to achieve one Shi Sandiao's goal: Stay to the passenger through act of trade of have trade relations of this one general fly the impression of Liao Dao crossing auspicious; Present his compliment to a when live on the island retired fellow worker; To the service on the boat that comes from this isle personnel manager presents his compliment.

Weiluxiao disclosed inquisitor that day, he plans to ask the court sentences Sikaidinuo 20 years imprisonment.

Ever had report, be Sikaidinuo of 54 years old to take harum-scarum action at that time basically is for a Maerduowa that company of please passenger liner employs dancer, nuo of Dan Sikai the base of a fruit gives on the court deny. The court affirms, this lady at that time is the passenger that ascends a boat without accredit, express to have with married Sikaidinuo on the hearing before Ceng Zaizhi catch.

Case collect a place of strategic importance holds local court in the palm to served as the theater of downtown that day temporarily place of front courtyard careful, often broadcast the recording of passenger liner black box in process of front courtyard careful. Before people can hear accident happening through the recording of black box, Sikaidinuo once commanded passenger liner haul, say for fun with English: Otherwise we can open reef to go up, when accident happening he cries again: Mom, what thing did I do?

Make an appointment with agai

n 11. 50 thousand tons, Bitaitannike date passenger liner is one times greater harmonious date passenger liner is violent the time of the strike a reef is late on January 13, 2012 9 when 45 minutes, there are the 4229 people that come from 70 many countries on the boat at that time. Passenger liner strike a reef brings about hull to tilt into water hind, sink gradually, cause passenger insecurity fluster, add rescuing disorder, cause the tragic that 32 people death, hundreds person is injured.


 Canada is beautiful heat of network of female thief photograph expresses netizen support the sexiest female convict (graph)

 Tokyo carries dengue fever bacterium to plan to shut inside body of mosquito of park of acting acting wood

Login register south Africa of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian do every 26 seconds have one woman to be found out and brought to justice to lead the whole world by the rape highest (graph) origin: ? Stop cling to?2014-05-08 09:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

South Africa is one of nations with top occurence rate of record of the rape on the world, average every 26 seconds have a woman to be raped to cheat be ashamed be insulted. And these women that are raped, after experiencing anguish and humiliate, mostly not dare factual open to the public, it is painful to choose to bear silently however.

Wife of Zu Ma of south Africa president exposing to the sun is raped in the home. A few days ago, zu Ma of south Africa president says in open circumstance, his wife once sufferred a rape in the home. Message one, south Africa media and people an in an uproar.

Wife of south Africa president rapes every 26 seconds to woman of one south Africa is raped in the home

Wife of south Africa president is raped in the home

According to report of south Afric

a news agency, south Africa the 5th times countrywide general election will be held on May 7, newest public opinion poll shows, before this already 4 African national assembly of Lian Sheng (blame country is big) hopeful wins the 6 vote that become above, continue to be in office position.

Nevertheless, zu Ma of south Africa president still hopeful obtains be reappointed consecutively, although he is sufferred before this illicit curtilage bad news is general state treasury 246 million orchid the controversy that decorates especially. The Zu Ma that censorial commissioner announces south Africa is located in favour bank heart to pull a person of extraordinary powers curtilage decorate a report to show, this illicit curtilage security upgrades expenditure is exorbitant, and major expenditure is needless. Illicit of south Africa president exceeds security to be denounced curtilage excessive " decorate cost " .

To this, zu Ma expresses 5 days, the accusation of media is inequitable him to: "That is very inequitable, two reports did not say my abuse is fair state treasury. " he tells media: "I had not said my view

to this thing in the round all the time. The house was investigated, but did not discover I have undeserved place. Which government does not have south Africa to had built a house to my ancestor horse. Which government does not have south Africa to had built a house to my ancestor horse..

He still discloses, he ever was burned twice in Enkandela's house, last centuries his wife returns 90 time to ever was raped in the home even.

In fact, no matter be presidential wife or Everyman, if can be stood bravely by brutal woman or the family that are a woman, let media draw up their personal experience, not only can make of women be on guard consciousness rises, still can force south Africa government to adopt more severe measure to hit rapist blame.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


Original title: Nigeria north assaults incident to cause 212 people death

Xinhua net Abugu report will report 15 days according to Nigeria media on March 15, this country the explosion that city of rich Er Nuo produces 14 days morning and fight incident causes at least 212 people to die in all.

According to local media coverage, square personnel of Buddhist nun army already discovered in the spot at least 207 doubt are like Mohammedan extreme to organize " rich division bethel " armed element body of the member, in addition still at least 5 soldiers die.

Before this, director of police station of city of rich Er Nuo pulls division of calm of 10 thousand · to say t

o media, a flock of armed elements are right 14 days morning the auspicious that metropolis of city of rich Er Nuo strides Duguli covers with tiles martial camping ground launchs assault, subsequently army personnel spreads out with armed element intense fight. Assault lasted at least 6 hours.

Malamu Abodulaxi says spot eyewitness, this group of armed elements wear the military uniform, car that takes car of the for military use that be become by camouflage to reach the spot, launch assault to barback, and rescue the partner that is locked up partly.

Square close recently increased Ni Jun to be opposite " rich division bethel " blow strength of the organization, launch operation of encircle and suppress for many times in the light of this organization, arrested a large number of this organization members. According to speculation, large-scale assault is probable be to arm to the element is rescue partner and be initiated.

"Rich division bethel " held water 2002, in the Buddhist nun upper production force makes a surprise attack and ever

exploded for many times incident. Since 2011, the violent raid that this organization makes already caused casualties of thousands of person. Last year May, nigeria president Jonathan announces city of rich Er Nuo, city agreement shellfish and Adamawa the city enters urgent state, give orders exterminate " Bo Kesheng ground " . (Chen Shu of brook of ox of xinhua net reporter is tasted)

 Korea goes vacationing village auditorium cave in at least 80 much people are buried 6 people die


 Service of

provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provid

e for the aged is taken

People net dispatch is integrated on March 9 coverage of flower beauty media, italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 8 days, when ship aircraft has an accident, Ji Malaerdima is in the Italian passenger Lu on the list that Ma Hang publishs Thailand travels, and he says last year in August his passport by pilfer.

Meanwhile, austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms say, the passport two years ago is in the Austrian passenger on the list that Ma Hang publishs Thailand by pilfer, the plane also is absent to go up when the accident. But Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not wish to affirm this person is specific the identity. There are two passengers to risk on the Malaysia scheduled flight that misses couplet used embezzling passport to take a plane.

Some earlier on March 8 moment, the news that website of equestrian boat government announces says, the MH370 that los

es connection holds 239 people on the airliner, include to contain 2 babies among them inside 227 passengers, and 12 unit staff.

The news that Ma Hang announces says, most passenger comes from China on the plane, still partial passenger comes from the Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, France, United States, New Zealand, Wukelan, Canada, Russia, Italy, Holand, country such as Aus

tria and area.

 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Vietnam happening turns over Hua Sao to hit in disorder in be bungled endowment enterprise: Is arson of 500 people loot arrested origin: ?  irrigates addiction?2014-05-15 15:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Be in around artesian well platform more in Nanhai refuse to budge does not fall. Vietnam saves city happening force to hit more in be bungled endowment industry event. 13 da

ys, north of Hu Zhiming city makes the same score Vietnam in relief province produces radical platoon China the action. Foreign Minister Wang Yi should be the same as word of electrify of the base of a fruit of horse of Indonesian minister of foreign affairs 14 days about, in emphasizing, square enterprise is the Xisha Islands that is in China concerned islands undertakes normal artesian well works inside adjacent area, this one exercise from already started 10 years ago.

Vietnam mob enters local China endowment the factory is wanton destroy / network picture

[upgrade] Vietnam is turned over China the action is hit in be bungled endowment enterprise

Be in around artesian well platform more in Nanhai refuse to budge does not fall. 13 days, north of Hu Zhiming city makes the same score Vietnam in relief province produces radical platoon China the action. The message will weigh website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 14, the near future, vietnam is turned over China force organizes demonstrate activity ceaselessly, in Hu Zhiming city happening is aimed at in endowment enterprise beating burns violent incident.

The stage does the country 14 days to hold routine press conference, spokesman Ma Xiaoguang expresses at this point, these two days are in the Hu Zhiming city of Vietnam, demonstrate of person of a lot of Vietnam protests, cause a lot of Taiwan businessmen stage endowment enterprise is affected in place, we condemn any illegal rough stuff that are aimed at cross-strait brethren. Mainland respect has passed the government, a variety of channel of folk, the proposal that has offerred two sides to cooperate in coordination on Nanhai problem, we hope to be able to get Taiwan concerns the response of the respect.

Occupy Afp story additionally, vietnam police expressed yesterday, police already arrested 500 to join the staff that opposes China coquettish random activity. Tens of arson of the person that

the factory is rioted 13 days by these burns. Vietnam makes the same score this world to save police officer to say, police seizes these personnel in rambunctious spot, they have loot, theft and arson activity in the factory. In this disturbance, ten China factory is ignited.

[setting] in the boat that jump over naval vessel is in cannon of 12 days of water is opposite sand on the west shoot be as long as 1 hour

The maritime space of the Xisha Islands that the ship vessel of China and Vietnam two countries is in China 12 days in the morning produced conflict, water cannon is as long as to shooting a hour, chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs was urged again yesterday just stop to provoke action instantly more.

12 days of mornings were controlled partly at 7 o'clock, 9226 boats suspension wears Vietnam fleet of China of Chinese ensign infiltrate, the sea in attempting to be close to is oily fleet of China of sneak attack of platform of 981 artesian well, china executes the law drive of cannon of emissive water of the decision after the boat discovers in time leaves Vietnam ship vessel, and Vietnam ship also prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan with water backstroke, bilateral each other is shot be as long as a many hour, the satellite communications antenna of ship of the Vietnam in conflict and tweeter by batter, before this in jumping over incident of ship barge against also is Vietnam respect is provoked prevenient.

[response] Foreign Minister Wang Yi: Before artesian well works 10 years, Chinese the Xisha Islands already was started

Wang Yi answer yesterday ask introduced at present in the actual condition of more maritime attrition, in emphasizing, square enterprise is the Xisha Islands that is in China concerned islands undertakes normal artesian well works inside adjacent area, this one exercise from already started 10 years ago. Just expedite large quantities of ships to undertake puissant interference is mixed right now more cruel colliding is to cause condition to tend intense matter. The dominion that jumped over square practice to encroach China and jurisdictional, disobeyed a series of concerning to uphold the international agreement of maritime safety, also damaged the peace of Nanhai area and stability.

Wang Yi says, jump over in between current a got-up affair undertakes necessary communicate, we are urged just come down calmly more, the sovereignty that respects China and jurisdictional, do not try to complication condition further with broaden the scope. Fang Yexi looks in east alliance each country can recognize the basic fact of this one incident, with Zhongfangyi, continue to maintain the peace of Nanhai area and stability.

Ma Di says, china is the fundamental strength of area peace, stability, prosperity. Indonesian do not hold position on Nanhai sovereignty question, wish with in the peace and stability that just maintains Nanhai area jointly.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 东莞市夜网2020了Doubt is in Libyan opposition Banjiaxi open fight between factions 63 people are arrested


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