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The capital of a country according to Japan news agency will report on July 28, go 17 years, japan had been born 118 farthe

r-in-law spermatozoon + daughter-in-law ovum external fertilization baby. It is reported, this month end, japan grows wild county the decanal root ferry of an infecund medical establishment announces this one result on the Japanese society that 8 Ji will hold in Tokyo.

Arrive from 1996 2013, japan shares 110 pairs of couples to cannot be borne without spermatozoon and accept marital father because of the husband (50-70) spermatozoon helps, have external fertilization operation successfully. Actually, already 79 pregnant woman produce next babies successfully, 17 females accept the spermatozoon of grandpa twice to produce external fertilization baby. Birth baby adds up to 118. In addition, 8 Ji still express root ferry, husband and wife of 28 pairs of Japan accepts the spermatozoon t

hat brotherly place of the husband offers, additionally 8 pairs of husband and wife accept the sperm that the family member place besides marital father and brother donates.

Current, the spermatozoon that Japanese department of gynaecology and obstetrics learns to allow Japanese couple to accept faceless tripartite place to offer has operation of artificial be fertilized. This society ever criticised this kind of practice can make Japanese household concern or human concern become complex, say, set out from angle of happiness and benefit, future may produce the thing that expect is less than.

" associated news " say, this kind of Japanese cure is infecund not the method of Yo, counteractive low birthrate may because make,household concern happens disorder and bring about of Japanese countryman be anxious and controversy. But, 8 Ji are accepting root ferry Japan " read sell news " when interviewing, express, be in Japan, the hope is absent from the couple that spermatozoon or ovum acquire to donate over there family a few. He explains at the same time, the couple that after exchanging views cautiously through what relapse, the choice accepts spermatozoon or ovum presents, also can be in friendly familial relationship is established between the family member of existence kin originally, and such word, infantile approach also can become clear.

 Communal circumstance takes the man secretly female skirt bottom is sentenced innocent say girl attitude exposes private parts

Boeing company makes a statement, pay the most deep-felt care to losing the family of the e

verybody on the airliner of Ma Hang MH370 of connection, announce Boeing is establishing a group, with providing technical assistance to investigation authorities. Up to this year in Feburary, our country
shares 119 Boeing operation of 777 series aircraft.

 The United States does not admit Wu Kelan the eastpart part two states are general cast a result to say its meaning is making division

 Egypt bright inferior ground method courtyard sentences capital punishment of proponent of meeting of 683 solemn elder brother to contain Badiya


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Login register form of mountain pass of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian will department of Qing Dynasty of 2 characters high mountain be faced with 6 years of imprisonment to abandon a:appellant origin: ? Be not?2014-05-27 15:3 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeE

dition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

According to Japanese current affairs communication company will report on May 27, be threatened by accusation experience suspect blame and the Japan that is investigated is the biggest violent gang " mountain pass group " , its organize the 2 characters, high mountain Qing Dynasty during be in bail at present to manage, make a decision at 26 days, the appeal that does not mention to Japanese supreme court, obedient first instance and the court decision that the court in 2 careful just faces its set term of imprisonment 6 years. Near future of procuratorial work mechanism will manage to high mountain Qing Dynasty put in prison.

High mountain Qing Dynasty manages

According to relevant investigation personnel says, mountain pass group was located in the headquarters of area of Kobe city beach to hold urgent caucus at be in 26 days morning. The conference informs each main cadre says, alpine appeal decides a

lready cancel, decided the operation policy that will organize henceforth.

High mountain Qing Dynasty manages, group of Japanese mountain pass 2 characters, on November 18, 2010 early morning is arrested by police in the home, be in subsequently after paying fee, by bail. Arrest alpine behavior to was thought to pull open Japanese police and mountain pass group " big decisive battle " prelusive. Police accuses he is suspected of blackmailing. Bring the view of cany Long Chun according to constabulary hall, clear to the high mountain department had investigated police very long, discover he came 2005 during 2006, with the building such as collection civil engineering the paragraph is a name, carried out blackmail several times to a man of 65 years old, total amount is as high as 40 million yen (add up to a RMB about 3.19 million yuan of) . Japanese media says, this is police fathers make mountain pass group upgrade the action.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


Philippine assault many survival one year by the typhoon still stay tent

Exceed strong typhoon salangane assault is Philippine had gone near one year, the job rebuilds to make progress in a few heavy disaster area after calamity slow, many victims still are in the stay in be being built temporarily, cause the dissatisfaction of a few people to the government. Presidential Beininiaoajinuo sansei defends 7 days, oneself are likewise anxious, rebuild nevertheless need time.

Last year on November 8, salangane assault is Philippine, cause 7350 people to die or be missing, millions person become destitute and homeless. After nearly one year, tens of thousands of survival still lives in the dangerous area of governmental incorporate into administrative areas, stay at tent, pallet hut with etc temporarily in shelter. These district future may be assaulted again by storm.

Afp report, although many victims still live in danger, the building of Philippine government rebuilds the job just just began. Last week, phenanthrene government is through an amount 160 billion than all alone (add up to 3.6 billion dollar about) comprehensive plan rebuilds after calamity. This one plan passes the evening of time, rangajinuo is criticized not less.

Although the building rebuild

s the job is slow, but a few important infrastructure of major stricken be hit by a natural adversity area and service had restored stage by stage. Associated press report, the area that gets salangane assault for the most part has restored the life to be supplied with water and the sources of energy, communication serves co
urse of study to had restored. Additional, before comprehensive program is passed, of the important infrastructure such as road, bridge and hospital rebuild the job has begun. Below the help that helps an organization in a few main international, philippine government develops vaccinal and vaccinal project, millions children is benefited accordingly. Additional, the government still supplies paddy seed to a few farmers. If aid of a few international organizes cite, A Jinuo says, make photograph comparing with the extensive go back to work after Indonesia encountered seismic sea wave makes a surprise attack 2004, rebuild Philippinely rate is rapidder. (Beijing youth signs up for)

 东莞新茶看图微信号Latin America artist assembles in Cuba to wish birthday 85 years old to block Siteluo to celebrate


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