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Login register secretary-general of U.N. of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Should be because the history knows the contrary origin: that the problem arises,Japan solved? ?2015-03-16 17:2 of ㄍ of discharge  feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the economic big country that says Sino-Japanese Han regards East Asia as the area, hope each country leader solves a problem with long-term vision.

China Daily net on March 16 report (letter lotus) according to Japan new overseas Chinese signs up for a net 16 days to report, recently, u.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen expresses when accepting Japanese media to interview, be in afterwar during 70 years come, to safeguard East Asia stable, joint efforts of leader of need each country maintains good relationship. He emphasizes, it is very important to solve the history to understand a problem at an early date, especially Japanese leader, should stand in the angle that faces future, what because the history knows a problem to arise,solve as soon as possible is contrary.


On March 14, the 3rd world decreases U.N. calamity congress is held in stage of Japanese celestial being, the graph is U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen to publish an address on the opening ceremony.

On March 14, the 3rd world decreases U.N. calamity congress is held in stage of Japanese celestial being, the graph is U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen to publish an address on the opening ceremony.

To attend the U.N. that holds in stage of Japanese celestial being the 3rd world decreases calamity congress, pan Jiwen arrives at what Japan accepted Japanese NHK TV station to interview. When speaking of East Asia situation, he expresses: 21 centuries can say the world that is Asia-Pacific area. Sino-Japanese Han regards the economy of East Asia area as big country, it is very mutual and harmonious, important that each other cooperate. Now, the history knows a problem to had been not solved, leader of hope each country should solve a problem with long-term vision.

In addition, to the current situation of Korea peninsula, pan Jiwen expresses: If have a requirement, can visit Korea at any time. Now, han government concern is exasperate, two countries should increase dialog and communication, be united to realize Korea peninsula and try hard.

(Original title: U.N. secretary-general: Japan should solve historical problem at an early date)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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According to Singapore " associated morning paper " report, singapore produces great kidnap 8 days one case to blackmail case: Chain supermarket " rise Song " group president, foreign citizen of Chinese origin when the mother of Lin Fuxing of millions upon millions magnate shops alone, be tricked to get on a car by the gangster capture goes. Subsequently kidnapper is asked for to Lin Fuxing 20 million new yuan (add up to 95.78 million RMB about) ransom, fall via argy-bargy 2 million new yuan (add up to a RMB about 9.56 million) . After the family member pays ransom money, hostage peacefully get-off. Singapore police arrests two suspects inside 12 hours bring to justice. It is reported, this is Singapore comes 10 years first kidnap case, also be this country the staking case with the highest ransom on the history.

Hostage by in the street capture goes

According to the report, by the kidnapper it is Singapore chain supermarket " rise Song " the old mother Huang Laibao that group boss Lin Fuxing is 79 years old, person " Ma rising Song " . Will more than 10 years fizzle out old lady already nurturance habit, every morning 9 when make arrive on foot live the market around buys food and have breakfast, to midday 12 when to 1 when Xu Cai comes home. 8 days morning 10 when 30 minutes or so, she as usual, call call betweenmaid to help her bring back dish first, and oneself a person stays after eating breakfast, come home.

Eat breakfast, after yellow old lady crossed overline bridge of travel of a person, before a middleaged man goes up suddenly, say her son Lin Fuxing falls suffer serious injury, want to take her to understand a situation. Believing yellow old lady followed the other side to get on a car then, after thinking this man carries her to a place, take her again the on another car that is the same as a party. Subsequently, kidnapper uses black cloth " Ma rising Song " the eye is cheated, bind her both hands, drive its forcibly capture goes.

Kidnapper lion starts to talk greatly

That day afternoon 1 when the left and right sides, machine of kidnapper hatchet man gives Lin Fuxing, call its old mother go up in their hand, and the lion starts to talk greatly, the requirement pays 20 million new yuan of ransom, return a warning to must not call the police, otherwise the old lady will have life risk. Ring off, after Lin Fuxing and domestic person discuss, afternoon 2 when call the police 13 minutes. Police immediately launchs investigation, find out the whereabouts of kidnapper and hostage. Meantime, lin Fuxing undertook with kidnapper bargaining peace talks is sentenced iteration, decrease ransom 2 million new yuan (add up to 9.58 million RMB about) .

With the day in the evening 11 when make, kidnapper indicates Lin Fuxing to wrap the baggage of replete cash, one is put in 3 Ba Wang parks to cultivate. After about 30 minutes, kidnapper calls Lin Fuxing again, said to had put a person. 9 days of before dawn, "Ma rising Song " be searched to obtain. According to Lin Fuxing after the event discloses, the mother is bound the hand covers an eye 12 hours, drink water to did not take food only, but kidnapper does not have abuse mother, do not have more move to her thick.

Same number shows track

In affirmatory old person peacefully after get-off, police launchs raid operation instantly, dispatch in all 46 dry explore are tracked investigate, through much square deploy, investigate, dog and outflank hold a person, final on record sends 12 hours in rapid crack a criminal case, and at 9 days (Zhou Si) before dawn general two suspects, Li Shiyong and Huang Chengwen, in ever since 51 streets arrest harbor in the 573rd home, the tree that is in a park is obtained since 2 million new yuan of ransom. In fact, police is handed in early in Lin Fuxing kidnapper track already mastered when ransom, in much place place cloth falls alarm force, after affirmatory hostage is safe, control a network immediately.

Lin Fuxing discloses when accepting a reporter to interview, after maternal Huang Laibao is kidnapped, square applicable to both or all of he and kidnapper 40 many phone

s and many short message, via argy-bargy ransom from 20 million decrease to 2 million. As we have learned, what because kidnapper is used,register in Malaysia is same mobile phone number relapses contact hostage family member, just make its track exposure.

Ransom starts lion city most

10 days morning 9 when make, the accused yellow existing writings and Li Shiyong court be gettinged on by detain, the face when facing accusation does not have expression. Stature of yellow existing writings lofty, figure is round, wear Brown have get jacket. Li Shiyong wears black T-shirt, stand in Huang Chengwen beside, appear angular, short. At present police is making further investigation to them, predict a case general this month 17 days again sessional. According to Singapore law, the penalty of staking blame is capital punishment or lifelong imprisonment, if penalty is lifelong imprisonment, can sentence whip punishment.

It is reported, this is Singapore history go up up to now the staking case with highest ransom, also be will 10 years the first case kidnap case. Came 13 years in the past, singapore happening passes staking case 3 cases, go up to happened on December 27, 2003 together. 3 cases are detected smoothly, all suspects are sentenced lifelong imprisonment. Lin Fuxing was in 2013 Singapore " Forbes " the above-listed of fortune a list of names posted up the 35th, body home 515 million new yuan (add up t

o 412 million dollar about) .

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[round-the-world net] will report on December 2 according to associated press, the the United Nations General Assembly passes the resolution that an Arabia country supports 2 days with overwhelming majority, requirement Israel abandons posse

ssing nuclear weapon, ask Israel allows its nuclear installation to accept international to supervise.

The report points out, the the United Nations General Assembly is held with with 165 tickets, 5 tickets object, 18 tickets abstain from voting passes this one resolution. This resolution says, israel is country of middle east area in exclusive one is not joined " do not diffuse nuke treaty " country, appeal Israel joins this treaty instantly, do not develop, do not experiment, do not obtain nuclear weapon with other way, abandon possessing nuclear weapon, ask Israel allows orgnaization of U.N. international nuclear energy (IAEA) supervises its nuclear installation. Republic of fatigue of Israel, United States, Canada, handkerchief and Micronesia federal are in blackball was cast in voting.

The United States that opposes this resolution represents Rob spy Wood (Robert Wood) says, this resolution cannot satisfy the basic test of fairness and balance, the the United Nations General Assembly restricted the expression that he worries about to single country activity.

The report says, israel is thought extensively to possess nuclear weapon all the time, but reject to admit however. This resolution is put forward by Egypt at first, got the response of Arabia country, but did not obtain on the IAEA meeting that will hold in September through. At that time, israel censures Arabia country to mention Jewish state to destroy a dialog in the dark on international arena through relapsing. 2 days, the U.N. delegacy of Israel did not ask to make a response to this resolution instantly.

The report expresses, this U.N. resolution that titles with risk of middle east nuclear proliferation prompted middle e

ast nuclear-weapon-free zone build. Although, the resolution that the the United Nations General Assembly passes does not have legal sanction, but bearing the weight of however moral force, because the the United Nations General Assembly is exclusive,one can represent U.N. the orgnaization of all 193 members countries.

Responsibility edits: Wu Defei... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州 2020新茶微信群

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