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武汉桑拿夜网VDFactory of conductor of half of city of Korea clear state produces solution leak accident 18 people are sent medical service


 British disturbance is the smallest the person that be arrested only 11 years old of foray person call repartition fortune

 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 2014: of Nobel medicine award? ⑾ of drag of Ъ of cattail of Huan of ostrich of contest of eat  buffalo gnat hold does an ancient wind instrument read: of Zuo PS origin? Salary  ?2014-10-07 08:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the bear the palm this year person the lo

cation system that discovered cerebrum, namely ' in-house GPS ' .

Mo Zefu Fu mixes scientist of Norway of dispatch of the net austral Fujian have United States flower the research that the scientist of dual nationality writings brush Aojifuyin concerns cell of cerebrum location system about is obtained 2014 medical award. These 3 scientists discover two kinds of different nerve cells in cerebrum early or late, organic the location system that forms cerebrum interior. Nobel prize chooses committee 6 days to announce to say when prize-giving decision, the discovery of 3 scientists is understanding memory, thinking

and plan to waited for cerebrum acknowledge function to extend new space.

Nobel is physiological this year or medical award bonus in all Ke Lang of 8 million Sweden (add up to 1.11 million dollar about) , o'Keef will acquire the in part of bonus, and the other in part that Mo Zefu Fu will share money award.

Obtain 3 scientists of medical award

Navigation cell forms the map in the head

O'Keef, was born 1931, currently hold the post ofacknowledge of institute of British London university neurological learn a professor. 1971, o'Keef discovers cell of a kind of specific nerve. When a certain specific place that is in a room when a mice, the is sea horse nerve cell that is weighed in its cerebra location always is in activation condition; When mice shift arrives when other position, other nerve cell is activationed. O'Keef is summed up, these positional cells form the map about the room in cerebrum, is not simple ground keeps visual record.

After about 34 years, of university of Norwegian science and technology neurological learn to teach a plum - Bulitemoze and Edward Mo Ze discovered cell of another kind of nerve 2005. This one cell is called reseau cell, system of a coordinate can be formed in cerebrum, its principle is similar the longitude and latitude in satellitic location system, in order to helps cerebrum make exacter location and navigation.

The sense is great

Bring revolution for acknowledge

Where do we know we are in? How do we reach another place from a place? If why we store in cerebrum can information find same way the next time with facilitating? Nobel prize chooses committee to say in statement, the bear the palm this year person the location system that discovered cerebrum, namely in-house GPS, make the mankind can locate in the space ego.

Our positional cell mixes profit from reseau cell, we need not be in arrive every time there is a map to seek a way when visitting a town, because there had been a map in cerebrum, a member evaluates nobel prize selection committee, without these cells, we may live very hard.

British Oxford neurophysiology teachs Andrew gold comment, the earliest discovery of O'Keef brought revolution for our acknowledge, and the discovery of O'Keef and Mo Zefu Fu confirm animal report is physiological study to announcing cerebrum works the importance of great principle. Because reseau cell studies the likelihood conduces to understanding remembering the course of generation, explain people often recollects the appearance that has event according to the place, the discovery that scientific group expects cerebrum location system can be disease of concerned Aercihaimo (senile and gawkish disease) cure brings good news.

Nobel prize chooses committee to point out, patient of Aercihaimo disease often gets lost, cannot differentiate circumjacent environment, the dimensional amnesia principle that can help us understand these person place to suffer probably about the knowledge of cerebrum location system.

Win Nuo award together

History archives of the 4th pair of husband and wife

Plum - Litemoze and Edward Mo Ze are cloth to be 51 years old to mix 52 years old respectively, it is the 4th pair of couples that win nobel prize jointly, also be medical award domain couple of the 2nd pair of bear the palm. Because of the research to radioactivity material, courier couple obtained Courier of leather dust Er, Marie together 1903 Nobel physics award. Because start sexual research to artificial emissive, yileina makes an appointment with French scientist the Aoyaoliao in li of abstruse Courier and fred was obtained jointly Nobel is chemical 1935 award, they are the daughter of Courier couple and son-in-law. American scientist because Kaerkeli, Gedikeli's couple discovers candy metabolized to medium enzymatic hurried reacts and be obtained jointly Nobel is physiological 1947 or medical award.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Login register associated press of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: From was: of new origin of black box

signal explored again since April 8? ?2014-04-13 20:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The picture that will release on April 11 according to Australian navy shows, in bay naval and maritime combination searchs the plane that break couplet. It is reported, australian premier expressed that day, bay just carry out those who seek job of the plane that break couplet to rescue personnel to already learned black box roughly the position.

In report will occupy new network on April 13 associated press report, after discovering intense underwater signal 4 times last week, everything is attributed to calm, the likelihood means Ma Hang to break couplet the batteries of 370 airliners black box is already extinct.

Although not the underwater signal with new rediscover, but the personnel that rescue still is continueing 13 days to spread out to plane debris and black box signal seek the operation.

The report says, since since April 8, did not explore new electronic signal again, this may mean the batteries that provides electric energy for detector of fixed position of black box recorder, the likelihood is already extinct. These batteries can last a month only, and this time already passed.

When officials won't hear any voice again certainly, will expedite phreatic water robot.

Australian premier Abote says 12 days, be aimed at airliner of Malaysia airline MH370 search for a likelihood to

will comparative continuously long period of time, the reason is a plane " black box " the pulse signal that issue is in rapid and abate.

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Australian premier Abote searchs for signal of MH370 airliner black box certainly

Australia patrols machine detect the 5th times doubt is like signal of black box pulse

Australian diver go into business searchs for black box of MH370 of the Ma Hang that break couplet (graph)

The doubt that bay beauty explores is like black box signal " indecisive " evidence

How is monitor like signal of MH370 airliner black box to should do to doubt?

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


Japanese premier installs times advance 24 days 3 to express when Boule publishs administration to deliver a speech afternoon, will drive modification constitution actively, for collective of lift a ban the problem such as self-defensive authority paves a road. Is this to install times since appearing on the stage by 2012 oneself, express clearly to want to revise the explanation that collective defend oneself counterpoises first. In the speech, how times call-over censure China. Occupy day intermediary story additionally, japanese government holds expert seminar, draft according to when sufferring armed strength enroach on also can the direction that exercise collective defend oneself counterpoises, perfect and compensatory and relevant law.

Japanese safe policy

Will make major shift rectify

How times say, will be in " ensure legal foundation talkfest about building safety afresh " on the report foundation that refers to the government, the problem such as authority of processing collective defend oneself and collective and safe safeguard. This talkfest is the brain truster orgnaization that installs times to revise constitution to explain setting. Boreal ridge extends this orgnaization convener to say: "If when happening of a got-up affair, militia just takes armed strengt

h step, have not enough time probably. Want corresponding and urgent situation, must let authority of active exercise defend oneself become a possibility. " in addition, this orgnaization thinks to enter territorial water in foreign submarine and below the case that does not leave after the warning, japanese militia is feasible also make collective defend oneself counterpoises. Present " militia law " regulation, when militia is being sufferred only or be about to suffer an armed strength to atttack, ability exercise armed strength.

How times still allege, will pursue " active pacifistic " , according to " new defensive outline " , ensure the safety of southwest territorial sea, territorial air, aggrandizement defense posture.

Day intermediary points out, install times political power to try to allow the action that defend oneself of militia exercise collective counterpoises, mean should ensure policy to make major shift rectify to Japanese safety.

Day opens Diaoyu Island

"Posses counterpoises " homepage

In addition, in bringing the times speech in 24 days, still censure China to identify an area in air defence of erect of the East China Sea, but its the topic of conversation turns, mention Sino-Japanese conversation again. Air defence of concerned the East China Sea identifies an area, geng Yan of spokesman of Chinese department of defense gives birth to Ceng Ming to point out truly, the air defence of the East China Sea that China offers identifies an area is not territorial air, also not be restricted airspace, delimit fortify sky identifies an area not to involve the change of domanial, territorial sea and territorial air.

According to day intermediary report, problem of day competence earth takes on Shanbenyi too announce 24 days on the press conference, step aside of this day of ministerial official room sets propagandist Japan to be opposite Diaoyu Island and Zhu Dao (Korea says alone island) " posses counterpoises " homepage. Day intermediary analysis thinks, website of province of Japanese foreign affairs published the propagandist video of concerned Diaoyu Island and Zhu Dao last year, suffer the protest of China and Korea. Set a homepage newly this to also may bring about the criticism of Sino-South Korean two countries.

□ is relevant

Bring times speech

In an uproar of the intermediary outside bringing

Japanese premier brings times advance 3 be asked about during amounting to Wo Si forum " Sino-Japanese relation " , install times cite one prewar Ying De relation undertakes replying. This matter caused massive billows. The intermediary outside much home was hit " whether are Japan and China met battle " caption. Day intermediary report says, bringing the answer of times is: "The economic depend on sb or sth for existence of one prewar England and Germany is spent very tall, ever each other is the biggest trading object, nevertheless

, the war still erupted between two countries. To prevent similar abiogenesis accident, (Japan) be necessary to seek with (China) make a telephone channel way. " " morning sun news " divulge say, when province of Japanese foreign affairs translates personnel to be translated into English along with the blame major of travel, in " Ying De concerns " the do sth without authorization in the specification was added " Sino-Japanese relation has similar state " content. (round-the-world net)

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